How to Turn a Setback Into a Comeback

We don't know who needs to hear this right now, but that bump in the road you hit that's discouraging you from continuing on with whatever it may be is a BUMP and not a permanent roadblock. We’re here to gas you up and tell you that this is temporary, you’re going to slay it, and get back on the road to finish what you started.

You’re a boss and it’s time to normalize setbacks so that we can turn it into a comeback. Think of this blog post as a heart-to-heart because we know things are rough but we believe in you. It’s high time you believe in yourself too, so here’s our advice on how to turn a setback into a comeback.

⭐ #1 - Don’t Camp Out In Your Failure

“Failure” is a harsh word at the surface but think about it. Failure also means growth, but when that initial sting hits, it can take over you. Allow yourself to feel what you feel in those moments, but whatever you do, don’t camp out on it too long. Even Olivia Wilde once said, "If you fall off a horse, you get back up. I am not a quitter."

⭐ #2 - Know That You Didn’t Waste Your Time

"Experiences" are not wasteful. Again, the idea of “failure” is a setback that often means you gained experience and knowledge from this bump in the journey and not just losing everything altogether. It’s the whole package. Everyone experiences this at some point, and those people you think have it all good? They more than likely had their fair share of bumps in the road too, but they moved forward. A setback doesn’t mean full-stop.

⭐ #3 - Practice Mindfulness

In order to turn a setback into a comeback, you need to be ready. Sure, you can be ready with a new business plan or whatever is applicable to your setback but you need the mojo, the power to move forward with those plans. Don’t jump in when you haven’t fully recovered. Take care of your mind, body, and heart so that you can come out like a phoenix from the ashes with the right energy needed to reach your goals. So really take the time to listen to what your body needs. 

⭐ #4 - Trial and Error

You now know what didn't work. You have the chance to try it differently. Sit down at a desk and look at every detail of the plan that didn't work and see what changes you can make to improve and slay harder the next time around. When you trial and error things, don’t focus on the bigger questions like why didn’t this make enough sales? Narrow it down. For example, what is it about _________ that the audience didn’t like and how can I communicate this better to them? 

⭐ #5 - Stay Hyped. No, seriously!

Keep up your same level of enthusiasm in your work. Your passion is your fuel and if you let it slip, you might trick your brain into thinking it's not worth it. This really applies to anyone! If you start working a job that you love, but you start thinking of it more like a chore, that’s going to affect you, your workplace, etc. 

⭐ #7 - Don't stop dreaming! 

That spark needs to stay. This is part of who you are. If you remove that part of yourself, your creativity and passion might waiver. Afterall, creativity is one driving force within us that helps us adapt and problem solve. That can be drawn from your dreams.

⭐ #7 - Create a Vision Board

This ties into #5 where you should 100% do what you can to be hyped and excited about your goals. One way that people do this is by creating a vision board. Think of all the empowering words and images you can put together to create a vision board that makes you feel like you’re in a happy place; that makes you feel one step closer to your goals. 

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