How to Prepare For Zoom Meetings During the Pandemic

“Welcome to Zoom!” 

Zoom has become a video chat platform that we all rely on during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we’re unable to be close to each other, we’re able to keep connected through regularly scheduled Zoom meetings and fun Zoom hangouts during our off time.

But when you’re working from home for the first time, what can you expect from Zoom meetings? How do you do Zoom meetings? What are Zoom meeting etiquette rules? 

In this blog post, we’ve got everything you need to know and the tips to help prepare you for those Zoom meetings during the current pandemic!

How to Prepare For Zoom Meetings During the Pandemic

Before we dive into our tips, here’s a starter list of things to tackle before your call:

  • Install Zoom on your computer. 
  • Your meeting host will be the one that creates the Zoom event, so keep a lookout for calendar events that have the Zoom link if it wasn’t provided to you directly.
  • Grant permissions for your microphone and webcam to be used on Zoom.
  • To enter Zoom meetings, follow the link and instructions provided by your meeting host.

Wear Pants

#TeamNoPants is fun but risky! We know you’re only visible from the chest up on your webcam, but there are so many things that could possibly happen when you least expect it while going pantsless for your video call. For example, you could be sitting in an area of your house that has reflective surfaces or mirrors. Chances are those reflections will out you for not wearing pants. 

Another example is if you’re required to get up and fetch something that you forgot to bring to your desk for the meeting. Shutting off your webcam will draw attention to you as opposed to quickly getting up, grabbing the item, and returning to your seat. 

Remember this Snickers commercial? Lol! Don’t be this guy.

Prepare Notes + Updates

Because you’re not in the office and as connected with your co-workers and boss or vice versa, expect to give thorough updates on current projects or assignments. You can separate your notes so you can quickly identify which projects haven’t begun yet, which projects are in progress, and which projects are completed. Be as detailed as possible as you may be called on to speak. 

Mute Your Microphone When You’re Not Speaking

If you’re in a Zoom meeting with more than two people - yourself and the meeting host - mute your microphone at the bottom left side of the Zoom call. By doing this, you keep the sound clear of disturbances or potential audio feedback. Better yet, wear headphones while you’re in your Zoom call!

Put Your Scheduled Calls to Paper

Zoom meetings are usually scheduled online and live on an online calendar. This is great unless alerts are easily missed by you. This can happen when different push notifications appear and distract you from the important event that’s coming up. For backup, put your scheduled Zoom calls on a calendar or planner and keep the relevant page open on your desk. 

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to us! We’re here to help. For more tips, make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter at and check out our other pro-tips and planner walkthroughs at the blog section of our site! Questions or comments? Drop a line below!
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