How to Practice Meaningful Compliments

If there’s anything this world could use some more of, that’s kindness, compassion, and empathy. The first - kindness - even being the most commonly known and encouraged in practice can either stay in shallow waters, just skimming the surface of kindness or it can go deeper. 

By “deeper” we mean more meaningful.

There’s so much power in kindness that if we only tap into the full potential of our own kindness, we can pay it forward into the world through gratitude and compliments.

What is a meaningful compliment though? What does it look like? 

The difference between a regular compliment and a meaningful compliment is this:

  • A regular compliment is repetitive and not recognized as unique to the recipient of the compliment.
  • A meaningful compliment is more fleshed out. It zones in on characteristics of the recipient and praises them in a way that can boost someone’s self-esteem. 

In this blog post, we cover our five (5) recommended meaningful compliments to help you understand what they look like and get you started on practicing meaningful compliments in your personal and professional life. 

Meaningful Compliments 101

#1 ⭐ I feel better when I’m around you. 

This is a powerful compliment because it is a reflection of how the recipient of the compliment is prioritized in your life. They could be someone you look up to or a really close friend or family member. By telling someone “I feel better when I’m around you”, you’re confirming to them that they have a respected place and role in your life. 

#2 ⭐ Your happiness inspires me. 

In a world that’s riddled with jealousy, the support we all receive in life can be generalized as questionable. Sometimes we have doubts and hold back from sharing victories or things that make us happy. By giving the meaningful compliment of “your happiness inspires me”, you’re opening a door that offers comfort to the recipient of that compliment. They never needed anyone’s permission to let down their walls, but by offering this compliment, you invite them to continue celebrating their happiness and victories with you. It’s a very intimate bridge for friendships and relationships overall. 

#3 ⭐ Your amazing energy is contagious. 

This meaningful compliment has similar meanings to the first two shown here, but can be looked at by the recipient as a confirmation that you want to be around them. It also is specific by commenting on their personality and characteristics, so you’re boosting their confidence as an individual. 

#4 ⭐ You’re a great listener. 

Sometimes we, as humans, need confirmation that we’re doing a good job being a friend or offering a shoulder when needed. By telling someone that they’re a great listener, you encourage them to continue on with this exceptional skill that can be hard to come by. 

#5 ⭐ You 100% light up any room. 

Life isn’t a competition but it sure as hell feels good when you’re praised for who you are overall. “You 100% light up any room” isn’t meant to be a comparison for others in the room, but a strong statement that acknowledges what kind of effect the person has on the environments they grace.

Now that we’ve covered meaningful compliments, are you ready to go out there and spread the joy? 

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