How to Plan a Socially Distant Summer BBQ

Editor’s Note: We’re not saying you should throw a party, but we know how much everyone is missing summer BBQs. So, if you can’t live without your summer BBQ, here are some tips to stay safe during the current pandemic.

We’re just as in the dark as you are when it comes to wondering how long COVID-19 is going to drag out and make life feel like it’s on pause. States are starting to open up (if they haven’t already), other states are continuing to follow quarantine rules and such. No matter which applies to you and the state you live in, summer is here and there are ways to get in the summer spirit without risk. 

Thinking of summer gatherings, your first thoughts probably go to pool parties and barbeques. Who doesn’t love a good BBQ? 

In this blog post, we’ve got you covered for planning a socially distant (and socially acceptable) summer barbeque!

How to Plan a Socially Distant Summer BBQ

STEP ONE ✅ Look up your state’s rules and regulations for COVID-19.

We’re making this the very first step of planning a socially distant summer barbeque because imagine taking all the other steps only to find out you’re not allowed to throw a gettogether of more than 15 people? That’d be a huge bummer. 

STEP TWO ✅ Keep your plans together and organized.

Plan details work best when they are kept together. Organize your plans into a planner like the Project Planner from Lovet Planners. Using that planner, you can create a budget, track expenses, and bullet point all the details you need to knock out in order to see a completed plan for your epic summer bbq!

STEP THREE ✅ Sanitize & keep things clean during the BBQ.

What do you need to sanitize and clean constantly (before and during the barbeque)?

  • Chairs & tables
  • Grill & other cooking surfaces
  • Toys that will be out for kids to play with
  • Bathroom

STEP FOUR ✅ Keep 6 feet apart!

Position chairs 6 feet apart, put markers on the ground for those ditching chairs 6 feet apart, etc. This is something to keep in mind especially when serving food and dining together without masks. Can’t eat with a mask after all, right? 

Pro-tip: Figure out when your guests are arriving and assign them group numbers so that you can control the crowd when it comes time to getting food served up. Even better? Ask for your guests to bring their own food to cut down on the potential risk of the virus spreading.

STEP FIVE ✅Label guest dishes to avoid confusion and possible virus spread.

Things like cups easily get mixed up when they’re not labeled and that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Imagine a guest accidentally grabs a cup that belongs to someone else? The risk of getting COVID-19 increases. Set up a label station (complete with label stickers and markers) where guests can mark up their cups, plates, etc.

STEP SIX ✅ Alcohol is fun but you might want to cut down on it this time around.

When alcohol is in the mix, we get a little more comfortable and sometimes careless. With coronavirus at play, being careless is not an option. For the previous steps to go according to plan, alcohol either needs to be cut down on and less available to guests or not available at all! 

Don’t forget to keep all your plans in one spot!

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to us! We’re here to help. For more tips, make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter at and check out our other pro-tips and planner walkthroughs at the blog section of our site! Questions or comments? Drop a line below!

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