How To Plan a Galentine's Day Party | Project Planner Plan Template

Wait. What is Galentine’s Day? Allow us to introduce you to one of the most amazing Valentine’s Day alternatives (or additional celebration) ever to come about thanks to television. GALENTINE’S DAY is unofficially celebrated on February 13th - thanks to the show Parks and Recreation - and the message behind it is ladies celebrating ladies.

It doesn’t take rocket science to know we’re all about that life! So when there’s an opportunity to celebrate each other, we’re going for it. You might have caught our last Project Planner Plan Template where we mapped out how you can declutter your office on a schedule. We’re ecstatic to share another one with you, but for....


Before you read on, if you don’t have a Project Planner, familiarize yourself with our walkthrough blog post that details the structure and what the different pages are used for. What you’ll see in this particular blog post is an example of how you can use the Project Planner to plan the epic decluttering of your office. In a way, this is a template, so feel free to pull out your own Project Planner and imitate our process and adjust as you need to! This template is set up so that it can be done during even the busiest of weeks.


  • Title: Galentine’s Day Party
  • Budget: TBD/Flexible
  • Deadline: February 12th
  • Priority: 2 Stars (gauge priority depending on RSVPs)
  • Steps to Complete:
    • Monday, 2/10/2020 - Party Favors
    • Tuesday, 2/11/2020 - Decorations
    • Tuesday, 2/11/2020 - Food & Beverages
    • Friday, 2/7/2020 - Entertainment
    • Sunday, 2/9/2020 - Games
    • Sunday, 2/2/2020 - Invitations
  • Things Needed*:
    • Gift Bags
    • Dining Plates & Utensils
    • Invitations/Guest List
    • Decorations
    • Music Playlist

*The Things Needed section of the overview page is best used for on-the-spot things you know right off the bat that you’ll need to pull this off. 


Organize the steps to complete in the different sections (Phases) depending on what needs to be done first and will take more or less time to execute.


  • Facebook Event + Invitations
  • Curate Guest List
  • Follow up with “Maybe” RSVPs

Thursday, 2/6/2020 - ENTERTAINMENT

  • Search for or create… (1 or 2 of)
    • Guest Speaker
    • Projector & Movies or Music Videos
    • Music Playlists

Saturday, 2/8/2020 - GAMES

  • Ideas…
    • Prosecco Pong
    • Galentine’s Day Bingo
    • Karaoke
    • Cards Against Humanity

PRO-TIP: Use the Note pages that follow to expand on any of the bullet points you feel like require more steps or brainstorming.


  • Shopping List
  • Order on Amazon (or plan to go to store)
  • Prizes for Games

Sunday, 2/9/2020 - FOOD & BEVERAGE

  • Decide on cooking or catering (book ASAP)
  • Bartender (book ASAP)

Remember, once you’re done with the project, head back to the Project Overview page and mark the project as completed! Your gal pals are going to love getting together and enjoying a good ladies supporting ladies celebration!

Don’t have a Project Planner? It’s never too late. CLICK HERE to take a closer look!
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