How to Manifest Using Abundance Checks

Earlier this year, we introduced the Vision Board Planner to our store and things have been boppin’ at Shop Lovet Agency ever since. This planner is a great tool to have when you’re trying to visualize your goals and different areas of your life. It comes with inspiration, cutouts to use ranging from quote graphics to shapes and images, etc., but it also has these blank checks known as the Bank of the Universe Checks

These checks are what’s also known as abundance checks. These blank checks from the universe - written for you, by you - so that you can align yourself with the world with your intentions. This is a common manifestation and Law of Attraction method used by even celebrities!

Here’s a fun one we love to talk about. 

Before Jim Carrey hit it big, he wrote himself a 10-million dollar check for "acting services rendered" and dated it for 10 years in the future. This was in 1985. Fast forward 10 years, and Jim Carrey was cast in the movie Dumb and Dumber for $10 million. Love that law of attraction in action!!

By writing a 10-million dollar check to himself dated 10 years in the future, Jim Carrey had a visual of what he wanted and what he was working towards. When you have visualization tools like vision boards or Bank of the Universe Checks, your goals are constantly in your face. On top of that, visualization tools like vision boards and the checks help you feel a certain way like good things are coming. When you camp out in that feeling constantly, you’re more likely to be motivated to follow through with your goals. 

So how do you use the Bank of the Universe Abundance Checks from Shop Lovet Agency? Here are the steps to follow!

STEP 1 ✅ Fill out a future date. 

Since this is a check that's used as a Laws of Attraction tool, you want to pick a date in the future. By picking a date in the future, you’re allowing yourself more time to visualize and immerse yourself in this goal you have set for yourself. 

STEP 2 ✅ Fill "Pay to the Order of" section. 

Make the check out to you since this is your visualization journey. There’s no stopping you from filling out someone else’s name, but the only way these visualization tools can be effective is if the visualizer - you - is connected with it. Filling someone else’s name isn’t going to affect the way that person thinks about their goals. This is a process that’s in your control for you

STEP 3 ✅ Write a dollar ($) amount. 

Don't be afraid to think big here! The dollar amount you write on your check is a goal amount. Alternatively, you can use these checks to help you break out of mental restrictions preventing you from creating an effective vision board. For example, you want to renovate your home and create a vision board for those home improvements you want to make but are stuck because that costs MONEY. It's okay to play pretend with the blank check for your vision board so that you're free to visualize your end goal. 

STEP 4 ✅ Fill out "For" & sign. 

The "For" section is where you detail what the purpose of this check is. An example might be a home renovation project you’re hoping to finish in the next few years. The “For” section would read home renovation or something along those lines. Once you’ve go the “For” figured out, sign your name in the correct spot. 

STEP 5 ✅ Display and/or use in your vision boards!

Jim Carrey carried his Bank of the Universe check in his wallet. You can, too! Or you can have it displayed somewhere easily seen like your refrigerator or your vanity. We also recommend putting a Bank of the Universe check on your vision boards!

The Vision Board Planner has ONE page of three (3) of these Bank of the Universe Checks. Need more? We also have a digital download available on our site so you can print as many as you want and need!

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