How to Make a Self Care Vision Board

How do you envision your self care? What does your self care plan look like? You might have developed a plan using your Self Care Planner by now, but when you need a little bit of motivation, a vision board can step in. A vision board, in this case, can act as a reminder of why you’re working on taking care of yourself through self care.

That means - you guessed it - you’re making a Self Care Vision Board. 

It might sound odd but think about it: You can make a vision board for about anything your heart desires. You’re not just limited to vision boards for abundance, a new home, etc. 

Where do you start?

In this blog post, we walk you through how to make a Self Care Vision Board!

Find and print a photo of yourself where you’re happy and/or cozy.

Surely you have at least one photo of yourself in pajamas. Maybe you have a photo of yourself from your last salon appointment or a photo of yourself dancing or singing karaoke. You are the most important detail when it comes to vision boards and it’s important to see yourself in the vision you’re projecting. 

By picking a photo where you’re happy (in your element) or cozy, your vision board has a positive association with the other details you’re going to include in your vision board. Keep reading for more.

Pro-tip: Magazines are useful in picking backgrounds if you don't want white space!

Open your Vision Board Planner and pick your cutouts.

Amplify your vision board with details that stick out and support your vision by using cutouts from the Vision Board Planner you see relevant to your Self Care Vision Board. There are motivational words, quotes, and fill-in-the-blank cutouts that are workable in this area.

Curate images of things you consider self care.

Self care looks different for everyone. For some, self care looks like an afternoon run and for others, it might look like an evening in bed enjoying a movie marathon. Curating images for self care of the latter could be photos of movies or a TV and bed, etc.

Assemble your vision board but don’t paste things down just yet.

Don’t arrange your vision board and call it a day! Ask yourself if you’re truly satisfied with the vision board. Does it make you feel a sense of calm and excitement for self care? Does it motivate you to follow through with your self care plans? 

A vision board isn’t 100% complete until you’re satisfied with it. After all, you need to feel drawn to your vision board in order to spend enough time visualizing with it.

Need a jumpstart for your Self Care Vision Board? Here’s our recommended toolkit:

  • Self Care Planner - Make your wellness a priority and plan daily acts of self care. Through these actions, you can see a positive change in your lifestyle mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • Vision Board Planner - Dive right into vision board making with this essential planner loaded with various styles of cutouts and space for vision board assembly.

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