How To Make a Monthly Vision Board

How many times do you make a vision board each year? 

If you were to ask a crowd, chances are nearly every single person would respond with, “Oh…I make a vision board once a year.”

Everyone’s latched onto the idea that vision boards are only annual projects because goals are usually focused on at the start of a new year. Think about the language around new year resolutions, new year goals, and “new year, new me.”

New year resolutions can be healthy, but only if you don’t let them limit you on what you can accomplish each month.

How many times should you make a vision board each year?

The short and sweet answer: It’s up to you and the intentions that are living in your mind, heart, and soul. As long as there is a vision or dream alive, there’s a potential vision board. 

Picking How Many To Make

Manifesting is more efficient when you’re consistent with it. We’re talking about consistency, how much time you spend with your vision board, and your daily manifesting steps.

  • Daily Vision Boards
    (Note: While this is an inspiring frequency for vision boards, it can also be overwhelming. Consider using a Manifesting Journal as a different method of daily visualizing.)
  • Weekly Vision Boards
  • Monthly Vision Boards
    (Best Recommended: A monthly frequency is less stressful. It gives you more time and space to visualize and manifest your vision.)
  • Annual Vision Boards
    (Note: These types of vision boards should represent the big picture of the upcoming year. How do you see it? How do you think it will feel?)

Recommended: Monthly Vision Boards

A monthly frequency is less stressful. It gives you more time and space to visualize and manifest your vision.

How To Make a Monthly Vision Board


Making a monthly vision board is easier than you think. It doesn’t have to be a stack of poster boards accumulating in your room over 12 months. Instead, go for the 12-month Vision Board Planner from Lovet Planners.

How It Works

Create Your Annual Vision Board

The Vision Board Planner opens up with the chance to create your annual vision board, so how you picture the year for yourself. Ask yourself what your main goals are for the year. You can break them down into monthly vision boards as you go through the Vision Board Planner.

Write Your Monthly Manifesting Goals

The Vision Board Planner includes 12 undated, monthly view calendars. To the right of the calendar each month, you write down your Top 3 Manifesting Goals. Dig deep into your intentions for your annual vision and choose your focus for the month. You’ll see your Top 3 Manifesting Goals appear throughout the month the more you visualize.

Create Your Monthly Vision Board

Take your Top 3 Manifesting Goals and use the cutouts in the Vision Board Planner (along with photos of yourself) to create a vision board for the month. The monthly vision board should reflect your intentions with those goals.

Pro-tip: Make your vision board for the month at least one or two weeks before that month arrives.

Log Daily Manifestations

Back to the calendars: What should you do with the daily spaces? 

There are two ways to use this:

  1. Write your daily manifestations. Come back to your Vision Board Planner at the end of each day to write what was manifested that day.
  2. Write your manifesting goal steps. Manifesting can sometimes be a linear process for some, so if it works best for you, write out action steps for each day that will help you manifest your Top 3 Goals for the month.

There are also sections each month where you can list and reflect on what you’re grateful for. With a grateful heart comes an abundance of manifestation success.

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