How to Live Your Best Life In 2020

Happy New Year’s Eve! 2019 was an exciting year for us and for a number of you as we’ve seen online. Now that we’re counting down the hours to 2020 though, we’ve been deep in meditations on what we want the new year to look like and it’s all too rich in wisdom not to share with you. You, too, can go into a new year with the knowledge and intentions we’re about to impart on you. 

When you look at a fresh slate in the form of 365 days, there’s a lot of ground to cover so we’ve broken things up into different categories:

  • Relationships
  • Work + Career
  • Self-care
  • Organization



There are different types of relationships out there in the world, but we’re going to talk broadly here. Look back at 2019 and ask yourself did I make worthwhile connections and relationships? Did any of those relationships hold me back from happiness or achieving a goal? It’s easy to get caught up in giving people the benefit of the doubt and to be civil, but if you find relationships to be draining - platonic or romantic - maybe it’s not in the cards for you to maintain that. The key to 2020 and beyond is to make meaningful relationships. You want to surround yourself with people who will be supportive, lift you up, and none of those relationships should feel like a one-sided struggle. You’ll find your squad! Just trust your gut.


How did you operate in 2019 when it came to your work/career goals? Do you feel like you made any progress and do you feel you have room for more growth? The answer to the latter question should always be YES. Growth is a sign of success. You don’t ever want to get stagnant or comfortable in what you’re doing. When you do, find ways to inspire yourself and spark motivation to give 150% when only 100% is required. 


Vitamin C is your best friend. Just one of your best friends though. Your ultimate best friend is you and nobody can take better care of you than yourself. If you feel like you’re suffering mentally, physically, or emotionally, take a moment and sort in your mind why you’re feeling like that and come up with a list of things that can help diffuse that feeling you’re having. If you ignore these feelings, you could tip yourself over the edge and get really sick. Also? It’ll affect your work. Do not deprive yourself of the time you need to rejuvenate!


All of the previous things don’t fall into place if you don’t properly plan and organize them. That’s what planners are for. Pro-tip: Start with the LOVET Weekly Planner to organize the basic things in your life from phone calls to where you need to be to what you need to do. When you realize there are things that require more time and space, that’s when you think of the Project Planner. Both planners help and encourage you to reach your goals. 


Go into the new year like the badass you are! This is your time to shine and there are tips and tools out there to help you reach the best version of yourself. Happy New Year from Shop Lovet Agency!


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LOVE this! Happy New Year!


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