How to Get Pictures For Your Vision Board

It’s your favorite manifesting ritual: sitting down to make a vision board.

You’ve done it before and you’re ready to do it again, but everyone can agree on one thing when it comes to making vision boards and it has to do with the pictures used.

The pain point? Getting pictures to use for your vision board, and how much time is spent on finding those pictures.

It’s time for a new process. In this blog post, we explore different ways you can get pictures for your vision board and not at the expense of your time. That energy can be saved for your intentions, creating your vision board, and visualizing and manifesting your vision.

First thing’s first, what size is your vision board going to be?

The larger the creating space, the more pictures and graphics you’ll need to stock up on to make your vision board happen. You can use a cork board, poster board, or even create a vision mural on your wall at home.

But if you’re looking for an option that not only is efficient but you can carry with you, then look to the Vision Board Book or Vision Board Planner. It’s like a notebook-sized portfolio of vision boards you create.

Second, what kind of pictures should you have on your vision board?

Vision boards and their visions get muddied by pictures that either doesn’t make sense to your vision or don’t do anything to define the intentions. When it comes to the pictures on your vision board, you should include the following:

  • A photo of yourself, because you are the greatest detail to your vision
  • Empowering words and phrases
  • Affirmations to inspire
  • Relevant keywords

Rethinking Magazines For Vision Boards

Printed magazines have been the #1 go-to essentials for vision boards, but over the years, the list of cons has outweighed the pros. Going to the store for magazines might be a thing of the past after you read this list. 



Beautiful graphics

Cost of magazines

Guarantee of how many usable graphics

Highly wasteful because of that

Not many of the pictures and graphics define the intentions for your vision board

To be frank, this isn’t news to anyone but it does feel a certain way to see it all laid out. The way people have been vision boarding has been evolving past magazines for quite some time now. As technology, too, evolves, so has the process for vision boarding.

That’s where Pinterest comes in. Pin that thought before you get excited because we’re rethinking it, too.

Rethinking Pinterest For Vision Boards

This isn’t about making vision boards on Pinterest or adding pins to a board. No, not at all. You can keep doing that as you wish. We love doing it ourselves. But when it comes to your physical vision board that you’re creating, to efficiently visualize and manifest with, Pinterest has just as many pitfalls as magazines for your process.



Beautiful graphics

Equally as many not aesthetically pleasing pictures and graphics

Hitting paywalls for downloads to purchase from other websites

Not enough empowering, stylized graphics to detail vision board intentions

Too many pictures to choose from, taking up more time scrolling. Not enough time creating.

We’re not done with the Cons just yet.

The biggest con about Pinterest that gets in between you and your vision board making is printing. Printers are so frustrating. The cost of ink and the cost of paper themselves are enough to stir up a headache. 

Is there any escape from the cons? What’s the best way to get pictures for your vision board?

Meet your new vision board bestie: The Vision Board Graphics Book

Your answers have been solved, Dear Reader. And you’re so close to improving and leveling up the way you create your vision board thanks to a new release at Lovet Planners: The Vision Board Graphics Book.

It’s what everyone’s been asking for for a few years now! The graphics from the Vision Board Planner and more. We’ve compiled your favorite vision boarding pictures and graphics from the Vision Board Planner and created more to help you amplify the effectiveness of your vision boards.

The Vision Board Graphics Book can be paired with the Vision Board Book so you can create your vision boards in one, full sweep. 

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