How To Get Ahead With Instagram Content Plans For 2020

What the post, ya’ll?! Or rather… what should I post?

If 2019 has taught us anything, it’s that content consistency is more important than ever. Algorithms are out of control and we’re all doing our darndest to keep up, and it seems that the best way as of late is to keep at it. 

A following can only grow when there’s content to attract them and that’s the best solution to fighting the looming Instagram changes that keep mixing up on us and throwing us all off. 

With 365 days in the year, content ideas can run slim. 

We decided to put together a content calendar for 2020 that you can use as a blueprint for your posts to come, because let’s be realistic: we all hit days where we don’t know what the heck to post. Giving yourself enough time to plan ahead with a guide like this can really save you the trouble!

How do I use the Instagram Content Calendar?

This is all on our personal preference, but you might find these tips useful. When you receive the download for your epic Instagram Content Calendar, you can print out the pages and do any one of the following:

  • Hang up each month somewhere you find best accessible for when your content creation is in full gear.
  • Create a binder and put all of the calendar pages in there.
  • Put them in one folder, pulling out months as you need them and insert into relevant sections of your Instagram Planner.

The key to best using this content calendar is to do things in advance

So...example. It’s November. Yeah, you can go ahead and plan out the content for November, but we recommend pulling out the December and January calendars to get things in motion. Developing a 1-2 month preparation schedule in advance really takes a lot of work off your plate, not to mention stress!

PRO-TIP: The Instagram Content Calendar works best with our Instagram Planner as you can select which content ideas you’d like to utilize and flesh them out in your Insta Planner!

Each day on the calendar follows some sort of prompt with a combination of evergreen ideas and ideas that pertain to the month (i.e. November = gratitude). Not only that, but we list out fun holidays and important days to keep in mind!!

PRO: Every day on the calendar has a different content idea that can be used for any type of profile! Business or personal!

How do I get the Instagram Content Calendar?

You follow the checkout process just as you do with any other product, but as soon as you make a purchase, a digital download link will be sent to your inbox so you have immediate access! No waiting or anything. 100% fabulous.

This is just one of many digital downloads we’ve added to the store to help amp up your social media game, but there’s more to come. Just you wait! We’ve been scheming up some extra amazing downloads and products for you to maximize your social media presence with. Stay tuned!

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