How To Declutter Your Office | Project Planner Plan Template

January is the month each year where we’re all charged up with drive and motivation to get sh*t done. We’re talking workout goals, career goals, etc. One thing that people love to do at the start of the year is decluttering because of the thought that with a fresh space, you have a fresh slate for the new year. 

Not gonna lie. We could totally benefit from doing a little cleaning up in our office spaces, so to make sure we’re on track with that, we’re pulling out the Project Planner and mapping out what that’s going to take. 

Before you read on, if you don’t have a Project Planner, familiarize yourself with our walkthrough blog post that details the structure and what the different pages are used for. What you’ll see in this particular blog post is an example of how you can use the Project Planner to plan the epic decluttering of your office. In a way, this is a template, so feel free to pull out your own Project Planner and imitate our process and adjust as you need to! This template is set up so that it can be done during even the busiest of weeks.


  • Title: Decluttering The Office
  • Budget: N/A
  • Deadline: January 13th
  • Priority: 3 Stars
  • Steps to Complete:
    • Tuesday, 1/7/2020 - Paper Materials
    • Wednesday, 1/8/2020 - Tech & Gadgets
    • Thursday, 1/9/2020 - Books, Magazines, & Planners
    • Friday, 1/10/2020 - Computer Files
    • Sunday, 1/12/2020 - General Clean
  • Things Needed:
    • Trash Bags
    • Bins or Organizers
    • Folders
    • Cleaning Supplies (all-purpose spray, microfiber rag)
    • External Hard Drive


Tuesday, 1/7/2020 - PAPER MATERIALS

  • Gather all paper materials (receipts, printouts, etc.)
  • Organize the paper materials into three piles: 1) Shred/Recycle/Trash, 2) Folder, 3) Usable or Reusable
  • Dispose of the first pile of papers as needed.

Wednesday, 1/8/2020 - TECH & GADGETS

  • Label two bins: 1) Chords and 2) Misc. Gear
  • Sort loose cords and cables into the first bin (use twist ties to keep them from tangling)
  • Collect batteries or miscellaneous gadgets and sort into the second bin.

Thursday, 1/9/2020 - BOOKS, MAGAZINES, & PLANNERS

  • Gather all books, magazines, and planners and sort into two piles: 1) To put away elsewhere, 2) To keep in office.
  • Put piles away according to how they’re sorted.

PRO-TIP: Books, magazines, and planners that are remaining in the office can be put on a shelf, neatly arranged at your desk, or put in a filing receptacle of some sort.

Friday, 1/10/2020 - COMPUTER FILES

  • Scan for important screenshots and put in a folder named Important Screenshots.
  • Delete remaining screenshots
  • Organize files saved on desktop into folders in Documents or Pictures. 
  • Put unneeded files on external hard drive or delete.

Sunday, 1/12/2020 - GENERAL CLEAN

  • Clean computer monitor.
  • Wipe off desk. 
  • Vacuum office area. 
  • Take out garbage.

Remember, once you’re done with the project, head back to the Project Overview page and mark the project as completed! Getting your office area and desktop in a good position to work again is crucial to your productivity and we hope you find great use out of this template!

Don’t have a Project Planner? It’s never too late. CLICK HERE to take a closer look! 

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