How To Care For Yourself Between Therapy Sessions

It’s time to talk about therapy.

Being a wellness planner brand, you might think we’d avoid talking about therapy at all costs. But that’s not something we can afford to do with the world we live in, not to mention that's gross vibes all around.

The reality of mental health is that sometimes you need to speak with a therapist or start a prescription medication, and that’s okay. Thankfully, in recent years, mental health awareness is a progressively growing subject of discussion. 

When it comes to therapists and professionals, those are the resources provided to help you live a comfortable life with yourself

But what should you do in between therapy sessions?

How can you take care of yourself until that 5 minute reminder for your next session goes off? Here are some suggestions.

Write In A Journal

When you’re in therapy sessions, you experience emotional lightness from venting and talking to someone you know is reserved from judgments; someone that’s outside of your circles and looking in as a spectator. When you’re done with your therapy sessions though, depending on your circumstances, it’s natural to tighten up on your thoughts and emotions.

In other words, you don’t experience any release or catharsis. By writing in a journal, you not only give yourself that emotional outlet you need but you also give yourself a history of your thoughts that can be helpful during your therapy sessions. 

Ask For Reading Material

Ask your therapist to point you in the direction of good reads or resources you should read up on. You can schedule this reading material into your self care plans to nourish your mind in a relaxing state.

Express Yourself Through Art

Just like writing in a journal can offer release, artwork is an expressive outlet you can take. Taking on an art project can calm your mind and decrease stress while also giving you a way to channel thoughts and emotions you’re processing into your work. 

Pick up a paint brush.

Mold some clay. 

Make a vision board.

You’re the artist.

Create your comfort.

Repeat Affirmations

We always emphasize the power of positive words and affirmations and the repetition of their use can offer the mental and emotional cushion you need on your personal journey. The Self Love Wall Kit is typically used as a decorative kit, but alternatively, you can shuffle the deck and draw an affirmation each day for 30 days.

Offer Yourself Grace

There’s no face to this blog post but we’re no stranger to therapy sessions. Some sessions will feel unproductive, others will feel like a breakthrough. It’s important to remember through it all to offer yourself grace and patience. These are new waters in psychology and you’re learning to navigate them.

New to Therapy?

Your practitioners and therapists are there to help you. Between sessions, make sure you have the necessary contact information you need in case of emergencies. 

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