How To Achieve A Unique Instagram Look

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind...on your Instagram? Girl, yes!

When you hear the word “brand”, you don’t really think about your social media profile if it’s not connected to an online store. Here’s the sitch: you can brand your Instagram and make it look fierce and fabulous. 

Creating a cohesive look to your Instagram grid attracts more followers and not only that, but it helps when you create content. You know what you’re putting out into the world because you have your own guidelines that are unique to you. 

With the Brand Your Instagram digital download by your side, you’re SO close to getting that Instagram look you’ve been coveting.


When you receive the digital download for your epic Brand Your Instagram guide, it’s best used when you print it out. You can do any one of the following:

  • Put together a binder or spined folder so that the pages are in booklet form.
  • Put the sheets in a folder that you keep paired with your Instagram Planner. 
  • Have a hanging clipboard with the sheets that’s easily accessed at your desk.

Whatever method of keeping these pages together you choose, just know that it’s not just a guide, but it contains worksheets to help you bring together the vision for your new and improved Instagram profile.

The download is part informational and part workable with the focus zoning in on color choices for your Instagram. Just like any other business, branding your Instagram will require creating a color palette. 

So…. PRO-TIP: Make sure that when you print these pages out, you print them in color ink so that you get the full experience because there’s a fabulous color chart involved.

This download pairs perfectly with the Instagram Planner because of the highlight and vision boards involved. The aesthetic you create should translate to all facets of your Instagram profile from your posts to your story highlights and more. 


You follow the checkout process just as you do with any other product, but as soon as you make a purchase, a digital download link will be sent to your inbox so you have immediate access! No waiting or anything. 100% fabulous.

This is just one of many digital downloads we’ve added to the store to help amp up your social media game, but there’s more to come. Just you wait! We’ve been scheming up some extra amazing downloads and products for you to maximize your social media presence with. Stay tuned!

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