How the LOVET Weekly Planner Helps Lifestyle Blogger Komal Singh

It’s so easy to get swept into the whirlwind of our daily schedule. When you add in relying on technology (calendar alerts, digital schedulers, etc.), stress is a gray cloud that lingers over you. Sometimes you just need to unplug and there’s some serenity to sitting down with a physical planner to schedule out your day. For lifestyle blogger and Instagram influencer Komal Singh, the LOVET Weekly Planner has been a huge help to her. We checked in with her to get the details!

LOVET INSIDER: What qualities do you look for in a planner?

KOMAL: I like a planner that's neutral.  I love to use colored pens in a planner- each other for a different purpose.  Thus, a planner that's neutral allows me to plan colorfully without it getting too busy with all the others.

LOVET INSIDER: Before you started using the LOVET Planner, were there any challenges you had in your day to days?

KOMAL: Before the LOVET Planner, one of the main challenges I struggled with was having my "daily to-do" lists all over the place such as on a notepad or a sticky note.  The Weekly LOVET planner that I have, has a space for you to add your "daily to-do" lists and it has made it so much easier for me to work on my daily tasks in order for me to be more productive. I really enjoy the "month at a glance" pages because they help me stay focused on what I want to accomplish each month.  When I look back, I can see that progress has been made over a few months.  

LOVET INSIDER: Tell us more about your blog and how it started.

KOMAL: I always wanted to write a blog.  I initially started a few years ago on just doing movie reviews however I was not consistent with it.  One day, I just woke up and made an Instagram page for my blog to hold me accountable for my posts and boom- that was the start of it.  I started to write more about travel, fashion and lifestyle topics.

LOVET INSIDER: For fun! What’s a quote, or quotes, you live by?

KOMAL:  "Sail away from the Safe Harbor" by Mark Twain. This quote is one of my favorites because it means that you should go out and do things that you never think you would do.  I always refer back to when trying new things and end up trying the new thing anyway. It's helped me build a life for myself that whenever I'm an old grandma (haha), I have plenty of stories to tell. 

We thank Komal so much for filling us in on how things have been with the LOVET Weekly Planner while she continues to slay it online! To take a closer look, hop on over to this page. You can follow Komal on Instagram or visit
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