How the LOVET Weekly Planner Helps Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Alondra Martinez

With how Instagram is a visually driven social media platform, fashion and lifestyle bloggers have been on their game with creating beautiful images to post. When it’s not time for planning and creating content for their Instagram, there are countless other things that can fill up the day and without some sort of structure, things can slip through the cracks.

When we connected with fashion and lifestyle blogger Alondra Martinez, she was overjoyed in her pick of the LOVET Planner (weekly planner) especially with - at the time - an upcoming trip to Bali. 

After a few months of using it and decompressing from her travels abroad, we reached out to Alondra to see how the LOVET Planner is working for her for an exclusive Shop Lovet Agency interview!




LOVET INSIDER: Tell us more about your blog and how it started.

ALONDRA: My blog is centered around fashion and travel. I’ve always loved getting ready and sharing my outfits. A lot of my friends would compliment my outfits and they gave me the idea to start my blog! I also have been traveling for many years and many of friends have asked how I find deals on flights and hotels. So, I decided I would share it all on my blog. I love helping others and my blog is the easiest way to share the information with everyone. It’s been a great journey! I’ve met some amazing friends along the way and I’m so happy to be part of a community that enjoys the same things I do. I’m motivated to share more and create content that’s fun and useful! 

LOVET INSIDER: What qualities do you look for in a planner?

ALONDRA: I’ve been using planners, for many years, in order to help me stay organized. I’ve realized that my favorite types of planners are the ones that are structured weekly. Usually these types of planners have more space for each day of the month. I like to write my days out in detail and the weekly planners allow me to do so. Another quality I look for is the overall appearance since it’s something I’ll be using and seeing everyday. Lastly, I like planners that aren’t too thick. I want a planner that is easy to carry around and won’t take up too much space. Those are the main qualities I look for in the planners that I buy and the LOVET Planner has all those qualities and more! 

LOVET INSIDER: Before you started using the LOVET Planner, were there any challenges you had in your day to day?

ALONDRA: Before I had the LOVET Planner, I had to use several different items. I had my regular planner for my everyday plans, I had a notebook where I wrote about events during the month that I was grateful for, and I had a notepad to make lists. It was difficult to remember to carry around all of the items. Sometimes I would forget one item and it would have important information that I needed. So, I needed something that would combine everything into one.

LOVET INSIDER: How has the LOVET Planner helped you overall? 

ALONDRA: The LOVET Planner has been extremely helpful because it’s a combination of all the items I was using in one! It is organized by the week and I am able to plan out each day. It also has the section “Month at a Glance” which has a section “Great Things that Happened” which is where I’m able to write down the experiences I am grateful for, for that specific month. There is also another section within the “Week at a Glance” called “3 Things I’m Grateful for” which allows me to write specific moments that happened during the week. It also has a notes section for each month which is where I am able to keep my lists. So, now I only have to carry one item instead of three separate items. It keeps all my information in one place and I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything! 

LOVET INSIDER: You recently went to Bali with the planner on hand. What advice do you have for people managing their time during their travels?

ALONDRA: Yes, Bali was incredible and having my planner with me helped me organize my days! I love that the planner has the “Week at a Glance” because I can write out my plans for each day.  Before my trip, I planned out each day and made sure to include the times and costs of the activities. The “Expense Tracker” in the planner was useful to see how much I was spending. I was able to set budgets for different expenses on my trip and I ended up spending less money than I originally planned. My advice for those managing their time on a trip is to include days for rest. While I love to take advantage of each day in order to do as much as I can, it’s important to spend a day to relax and take it all in. 



A huge thank you to Alondra for giving us the skinny on how things have been going with the LOVET Planner! If you want to follow Alondra on her travels and adventures, you can follow her on Instagram here

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