How the Instagram Planner Helps Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Nicole Sandoval

Fashion and lifestyle translates beautifully into the Instagram space, but even the most beautiful of feeds require more planning behind the scenes than one would normally expect. When we connected with Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Nicole Sandoval, we offered her a planner of her choice at Shop Lovet Agency and she set her eyes on the Instagram Planner.

After a few months of using it, we connected with Nicole to see how the Instagram Planner is working for her for an exclusive Shop Lovet Agency interview!

LOVET INSIDER: What was the first planner you checked out at Shop Lovet Agency and why did you pick that planner?

NICOLE: The first planner that definitely caught my eye was the Instagram planner. As a fashion blogger that is constantly on Instagram, I thought it was the PERFECT planner for me because it would help me organize all my ideas for posts, and just events I had planned throughout the week. Also, I just also assumed there would be a spot in the planner where I could jot down any thoughts I had throughout the week for Instagram, and it did just that. I felt that because it was fully Instagram based it would have details that no other planner would.

LOVET INSIDER: What are the qualities of the planner you picked that stick out to you most?

NICOLE: The qualities that definitely stick out to me are the checkmarks that allow you to check if you're going to "post" or "create" that day. It's AMAZING! It's such a tiny little detail but it helps me organize my entire week and lets me know how many times a week I'm thinking of posting, and just organizes my thoughts. Another quality I love is the page at the beginning of every month, it lays it out where you can put your "monthly goals," your "hashtags to try," the "theme of the month," or any "collaboration details"! I mean, it just gets me! Never seen another planner like that, and it has many more great qualities but those two would be the stand out ones to me and that have helped me the most.

LOVET INSIDER: As a fashion blogger, style posts thrive on Instagram. Are there any challenges you experience while creating and curating content? If so, how has the planner helped you out or how do you see it working for you?

NICOLE: Yes, there are definitely challenges while trying to create content. All of the problems usually have to do with finding the time! My life is very up and moving a lot and don't usually have time to sit down and just think of ideas. I'll usually get an idea when I'm at work and getting like 5 min downtime or on my drive back from home from work, but I don't have anything to jot them down in until I got the planner! I take it to work every single day, so when an idea pops up, I jot it down.

LOVET INSIDER: For fun! What’s a quote, or quotes, you live by?

NICOLE: A quote I definitely live by that has helped me in plenty situations is in Spanish, "Que sera, sera." Which means "whatever will be, will be." It basically just means whatever is meant to be, yours will, and whatever isn't, is not meant for you. Plenty of times I found myself asking why something didn't occur to me, but then something better happening along the way that either was just as good or better of an opportunity. So I always remember that quote.

We thank Nicole so much for filling us in on how things have been with the Instagram Planner while she continues to slay it online! To take a closer look, hop on over to this page. You can follow Nicole on Instagram or visit

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