How My Vision Board Helped Me During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Editor’s Note: This blog post is a little different and written in first person by a Lovet Planners team member whose name has been removed for privacy.

I’ve been here since the very beginning of Lovet Planners and have used every single planner that’s available. Each of the planner types make it easy for me to break down the details for my social media planning needs, my daily planning needs, and so on. What I wasn’t prepared for though was the concept of the Vision Board Planner!

“What the heck is that?!”

Lovet Planners Founder & CEO came up with this brilliant idea to have a planner that’s pretty much a starter kit for anyone who wants to make their own vision board or “dream board” as some might call it. 

As brilliant as the idea was (and is), it was completely foreign to me. The most “vision boarding” I’ve done was when Polyvore was a thing and I was stitching together outfits I would never wear online. 

That changed. 

COVID-19 pretty much hijacked my life - like many others - and I’ve sat at home more than I’m used to. So I know what? I’m going to take this Vision Board Planner and see what I can do with it. After one full afternoon of creating vision boards, I felt like a weight was lifted from my mind and shoulders and I made the realization that vision boards are perfect during the pandemic. Here’s what I observed.

How Vision Boards Can Help During a Pandemic

Pandemic Issue: Struggling Mental Health

Being cooped up at home and having to change up my personal “normal” took a serious blow to my mental health. Weekends were supposed to be for relaxing and getting prepped for the next work week, but instead my mental health would just slip further and further with each weekend. BUT by creating vision boards, I noticed it was such a therapeutic activity that I felt like someone gave me a big hug and told me things were going to be okay. 

Pandemic Issue: Unhopeful About the Future

Ask me what I’m doing next weekend and I’ll say I don’t know. That’s what 2020 feels like and it really makes you question if you’re alone or not. For me, my coronavirus nightmare is not seeing my friends, not being able to make new friends or new meaningful connections, and all that jazz. So I created a vision board that emphasizes the relationships in my life and it acts as a reminder that I’m not alone by using powerful word cutouts from the Vision Board Planner and photos of me with my friends. I will see my friends again. This is only a temporary chapter in my life!  

Pandemic Issue: Boredom

That lack of stimulation and activity loops back to the mental health pandemic issue. Give me some scissors, tape/glue, and the Vision Board Planner, and I will make it an entire afternoon project for myself. It was amazing to feel so focused while picking cut outs, arranging them on the pages to see what I liked best, and so on. It’s a stimulating activity especially since you’re creating to attract positive outcomes in whatever focus you’re zoning in on!

So that’s how vision boarding helped me during this pandemic! I hope that you’ve found some hope and comfort in this blog post and are eager to try out your first (or 100th) vision board. 

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