How Lovet Planners Helped Me Manifest Change & Shift My Vibe

Editor’s Note: This blog post was published anonymously by one of our Lovet Planners team members. Their views and experiences are their own.

I’ve been with Lovet Planners from the start; when Lovet Planners was known as “Shop Lovet Agency” and even back to when our team used to help other businesses with branding design and website work.

That’s actually how I connected with the team before: I needed web design work done and once the service project wrapped up, there was this vibe that was there. It was serendipitous that Instagram’s algorithm put me in touch with the Founder & CEO because we immediately connected and that led to me unexpectedly taking a job at Lovet….and I do so lovet.

What I didn’t expect even more so than the job was how the job would further define my path for me. When I say “path”, I mean my path of self love and inner peace. I know that career plans are generally important and I’ve even created my own brand on this journey, but I prematurely took a page from Pixar’s movie Soul by embracing a lifestyle motivated by the desire to simply experience.

So when I first joined the Lovet team, I was definitely experiencing…things.

  • I was roughly struggling with depression and anxiety.
  • I was in the wrong circles that sent me into alcoholism.
  • I was putting all of my energy into my (at the time) partner’s wellness leaving no room for myself.

The list could go on, but in this stifled environment that I was in (off the clock), my “experiences” were narrowed down and focused on the negative. What joy was there in that? I didn’t realize how immersed in it I was until I removed myself from the environment.

It was a dramatic change. I remember calling her and saying, “Hey...I need to move. The option I have is in a different state. Is this going to affect things?”

After having bosses that would deny me time to see visiting family or time for my mental health, imagine how new the feeling of support was when hearing, “I totally get it. We’re taking care of you. You don’t have anything to worry about."

So here I am writing from my new home in a new state; a space that is my own and gives me room to work on myself. The hateful noise is gone, and with that noise out of the picture, my energy was more available but the real rehabilitation happened when I applied what I knew to my work.

(Staring at new horizons like…)

Each team member in our Lovet Planners family brings something different to the table but we all fuse our experiences into the products we release. Each of us have gone through it one way or another makes sense the brand itself changed its intentions. We used to talk about social media and content planning all the time so we started off with the Instagram Planner, Blog Planner, etc. The real work didn’t start until our team - just like many others - took a mental and emotional hit with the coronavirus pandemic.

We asked ourselves, “What can we do to take care of ourselves? We’re not the only ones in this spot.”

That’s how the Self Care Planner came to be and that’s how many other products are coming to life, too. We have a product that’s expected to release this month that I really put my heart and soul into, because I needed it just as much as anyone else. By surrounding myself with the language of self care and self love (and positivity), I became more accepting of myself. While creating the tools for others, I was creating the same tools for myself.

I know that this change that happened in my life was my own doing. I had had enough and decided to remove myself from a circumstance that was hurting my health and growth. I would, however, be lying if I said that things would’ve played out the same way if Lovet Planners wasn’t in the picture. This team, the mission, and more acted as a cushion for my pain and a guide to find my way out of it.

For that, I thank Lovet Planners and our CEO/Founder.

To the person reading this, I want you to remember how powerful you are.

You can manifest the change you need.

(My home office co-worker making important vision board decisions)

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