Hot Take: Why You Should Manifest Your Goals Privately

If you will it, it will happen. That’s what the Law of Attraction tells us. This New Thought philosophy is all about using the power of your mind to bring results in different areas of your life. 

It could be as minimal as reframing your way of thinking - focusing on the positive instead of the negative - or as grand as launching a business or welcoming abundance into your life. 

When it comes to the Law of Attraction and manifesting, the first thing that typically comes to mind is vision boarding: the act of creating a visual model that represents your goals and aspirations whatever they may be. 

The history of vision board creations has trained us to believe that a full-sized board on display in your bedroom or office is the only way to properly manifest your goals. That’s simply not true. 

Hot Take: It’s high time that we make it normal to visualize goals privately. Should you manifest your goals privately? That’s simply one option for you to choose. 

There is one key benefit to sharing your vision boards with others and that’s best described by Chris Bengivengo, author of Present Moment Living, in an answer to a Quora query: 

“By sharing your ambitions with others who care about you, you are also planting seeds of thought in their minds where they too want to see your goals become a reality. There was a time in my life where my wife and I had a desire to own a sailboat but it seemed out of reach. It was during a time when the US treasury had adopted the State Quarter issue process, and three State quarters had sailboats on them. So we asked all our friends and family to always be on the lookout in their change for these specific quarters as we would exchange them and put them in a sailboat funds jar. One day my best friend asked me if I really thought that process would allow us to save enough money to buy a sailboat. I answered that we did not, but by asking those who loved and cared for us to search their daily change for the sailboat quarters, they were daily envisioning us owning a sailboat, and that was universally powerful.”

But what if you are not comfortable with sharing your vision boards and goals with others? That doesn’t mean you have to abandon them because the process doesn’t suit you. You can harness the benefits of vision boarding and manifesting without an audience, your way. 

If you force manifesting your goals publicly knowing that you’re not entirely comfortable with that, what happens is you create a shield of anxiety that could potentially keep you from efficiently visualizing with your vision board creations. 

Many of our customers have commented online about their preference of keeping their vision boards private, which attracted them to the flexibility and optional privacy of the Vision Board Planner

We, at Lovet Planners, encourage you to manifest in a way that you’re most comfortable with consistently, and it’s at your discretion to change things up! With the Vision Board Planner, you can use the empowering cutouts inside to create vision boards the traditional way or on the blank pages made specific for that inside the Vision Board Planner

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