Fall Into November With Our First Instagram Challenge

Have you ever participated in an Instagram Challenge?

Now’s your chance! 

November is a time of togetherness with friends and family, and even though we firmly believe in expressing gratitude on the daily, November is the perfect month to take it to the next level and outpour that positivity! 

That’s why we decided to create our first Instagram Challenge: the Shop Lovet Agency Fall Challenge. 

It’s really simple and there are hardly any rules set in stone for this. You can either use challenges as a guide for your content creation and posting or you can join the activity with a group of others participating. It’s a great way to build a community and is a trending method for Instagrammers - business and personality profiles alike. 

Here are some commonly asked questions about Instagram challenges:

  • What if I don’t understand a post prompt for one of the days? Prompts don’t have to be taken literally. Whatever message you draw from the prompt, go with it in a way that best suits your profile!
  • What if I miss a day? Am I out of the challenge? Posting times are not an enforced thing and everyone’s time on social media is different. You can either skip a day or catch up on the day(s) missed! Just remember…. It’s a challenge only when you complete each one.
  • How long do challenges usually run? Commonly, it’s a month long challenge. This can vary with other challenge creators though.

Here’s how you can participate in the Shop Lovet Agency Fall Instagram Challenge!

  • Look at the prompts for each day in the challenge. 
  • Some of the prompts are open ended and left for your interpretation.
  • Create your content and post them in sequence of what’s shown in the challenge graphic.
  • Hashtag #LOVETFallChallenge and tag @shoplovetagency in the image or caption.
  • Participants will be reposted to our stories!

PRO-TIP: Take the Fall Challenge prompts and input them into your Instagram Planner from Shop Lovet Agency and plan out your posts!

This challenge is pumpkin, spice, and everything nice and a great way to spread positivity and love in the online community. We can’t wait to see your posts!!

For questions, feel free to use this contact form or reach out to us via DM on Instagram!

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