Discussing the Importance of Self-care with Dr. Crystal M. Brown

It’s been a few months since the Self Care Planner was released, and we’ve been soaking up every reaction with joy.

That’s how we connected with Shop Lovet Agency customer Crystal Marie Brown. Crystal is a psychologist, originally from Georgia, who resides in sunny California (since 2009) working with children and adolescents. 

When this psychologist with a “Southern Charm” isn’t on the clock, she’s doing her favorite things: cooking, planning, scrapbooking, reading books, and talking on the phone. Crystal describes herself as a well-rounded and down to earth, creative person, and after you read this interview, you’ll believe it just as strongly as we do!

Meet Dr. Crystal Marie Brown

SLA: How did you come across the Self Care Planner? 

CB: I saw the Self-Care Planner Advertisement on Instagram and I immediately fell in love with seeing the “Self-Care Ideas” and “Weekly Reflections” Sections of the planner. Next, I sent the Self-Care Planner Page via DM to one of my sorority sisters to suggest that we do the Self-Care Planner together as a bonding activity. My initial thought was that we are professional women, who will benefit from giving ourselves permission to take time out for ourselves to master actively engaging in self-care daily so that we can start doing the work to enhance and strengthen our mind, body, and soul. In addition, I want to keep my mind-set strong so that my mind, body, and soul will continue to have comfort and peace in these interesting times that we are living in.

SLA: What's your opinion on the way we (as a majority) handle self-care or prioritizing our needs?

CB: I believe that we tend to prioritize what’s most important in the moment and we take care of the “most pressing” tasks/issues first and we will take care of ourselves later on after the tasks/issues are completed or resolved. Sometimes, after those tasks are completed, we forget to take care of our own needs or do self-care because another issue has occurred and the issue needs our full attention. So, it’s important that we make self-care a top priority daily IF we want to see change in our daily lives as well as have fulfillment in our hearts.

SLA: How has/or do you think the Self Care Planner will improve your daily life with continued use? 

CB: To date, I have noticed that the self-care planner has grounded me, has helped me to become calmer and being present in conversations with others throughout the day. I talk for a living so, it’s been very helpful to have a clear mind as well as feed my mind, body, and soul with words or gratitude and gain insight on self-reflecting on the small acts of kindness that I have done since I have started the Self-Care Planner. For example, I have ordered  fish tacos for a coworker on “Taco Tuesdays,” made compliments to people while shopping in Costco, and I mailed greeting cards to old mentors and friends, who are living in Georgia to reconnect and rekindle those relationships that I miss dearly.

SLA: What's your favorite form of self-care?

CB: My favorite forms of self-care are journaling, making vision boards, and decorating my calendar and self-care planner with stickers while listening to R&B music and absorbing the smell of a floral candle burning. I’m a creative person and I love arts and crafts. 

SLA: Who do you recommend this planner to?

CB: I recommend this Self-Care Planner to all the professional women, who have challenges with making time to put themselves first in engaging in active self-care activities daily because of family-related obligations or work-related obligations. We have to do the work, the self-care work because It is essential for the mind, body, and soul. We are good at what we do professionally, but we want to become “greater” in all aspects of our lives; including, practicing and mastering engaging in self-care activities, which will enhance our mind, body, and soul. The mind, body, and soul are ALL intertwined together and they need to be on the same “self-care page.” Thus, we will become more emotionally available for others in relationships. I want to my mind, body, and soul to be more emotionally connected so that I can be more emotionally available to my love ones.

SLA: What advice would you give to anyone starting their self-care journey with the Self Care Planner?

CB: Do the work, put in the effort to learn new self-care ideas, practice those self-care ideas, and don’t feel guilty for making time to engage in fun self-care activities because it’s essential for your personal growth.  Your mind, body, and soul are ALL intertwined together and they need to be on the same “self-care page.” Here’s a self-reflection moment: IF you don’t take time out to do the self-care work for yourself, it may be challenging to create and enjoy the special moments with your family, friends, and significant others because you won’t be present in the moment with your love ones. So, make the time and put in effort to do the self-care work. Get started now. You can do it. WE got this! #TeamSelfCare2020-2021

SLA: What's one goal you're hoping to manifest in 2021? 

CB: My one goal is to rekindle relationships that are important to me, in particular, with a sorority sister that I have neglected due to my “workaholic” personality trait. I know you asked me for one goal, but I also would like to gain insight on identifying the self-care activities that I enjoy doing so that I can continue to have peace in the midst of chaos (the pandemic) as well as to engage in cope skills consistently and efficiently during these life events and work-related stressors.

We’d like to thank Dr. Crystal M. Brown (@dr.cmb) for taking the time to discuss self-care with us. It was an absolute pleasure to hear/read her thoughts and insight on self-care, and in a way, it was therapeutic. 

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Awesome info…I will order one of those ASAP

Jacqueline Anthony

I love this. As a self-care blogger I agree with her views on the importance of self-care. I also own this planner and I love it. I have been taking my time with completing each tasks daily.


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