Developing Healthy Habits With the LOVET Planner's Habit Tracker

“Old habits die hard.”

We’ve all heard that phrase. We love to say it, but we hate to think about it. In truth, these habits that die hard are difficult because people haven’t found a plan or method that works best for them. That’s one of the biggest pain points for those who are hustling with their work or own business because sometimes these habits impact how productive you are.

Say it with us: When personal bad habits affect your life, it affects your work.

The LOVET Weekly Planner went through a bit of an update recently. We added a Habit Tracker page which is found before the weekly scheduling calendars. It’s hard to ignore your habits when they’re in your face, right? If your brain is like us, a blank page left untouched while you’re working through other pages is almost like dealing with a mosquito in the room. Don’t you love our psychology behind our LOVET Weekly Planner structure? Hah! Take down those bad habits. 

When you look at the Habit Tracker page, you’ll find a series of questions leading up to the actual Tracker portion of the page. You’ll notice that instead of using “bad habit” verbiage, we created a more positive approach to it. 

  • My fabulous new habit:
  • Why it’s important to me:
  • How am I going to feel when I’ve reached my goal?
  • My Reward

Instead of…

  • My bad habit:
  • Why the bad habit is hard to break:
  • How does this habit make me feel right now?

Here’s a great example of a Habit Tracker in use. 

PROBLEM | This blogger feels as if her finances are tight because she orders food delivery and dines out too much.

SOLUTION | She decides to start cooking in more and uses the Habit Tracker in the LOVET Weekly Planner to keep this good habit up.

For each day this blogger cooks a meal at home, she fills in one of the daily bubbles. Her preference is a star but you can fill it in entirely, use stickers, etc. It’s up to you!

Once she meets the full 30 days of cooking meals at home, she earns a reward which she’s assigned to herself. In this case, it’s either one food delivery or a dinner date to a hibachi restaurant. 

PRO-TIP: Take it further and use a Shop Lovet Agency notebook to get yourself amped up for the reward. She’s starting to list out hibachi restaurants she could possibly go to once the month is over. 

Ready for a challenge?

Check out the LOVET Weekly Planner here and let us know how it works out for you and your habits on social media using the tags #ShopLovetAgency and @shoplovetagency!

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