Change Your Luck This Month With These Weekly Challenges

What the heck is happening in 2020? You watch the news and it seems like things are going down the drain, and when one thing calms down, another issue or difficulty pops up. If you’re hoping that bad luck won’t enter your life and hinder your lifestyle and daily operations, there are different things you can do to eliminate if not alleviate the possibility of you crossing paths with bad luck. 

For the remainder of the month of March, we’ve put together some weekly challenges for you to incorporate into your daily living and schedule. They range from the obvious to the not so obvious but are 100% geared towards improvements in different areas of your life. 

Are you ready to tackle these challenges with us?

Pro-tip: This challenge can be fused with various planners from Shop Lovet Agency. Read through, and If you don’t have any of our planners, check them out and apply this challenge in April and pull out an available notebook to keep track in the interim!


March 9th - March 13th

Goal: Rest & Sleep

Purpose: Improve Productivity, Health & Rest Your Bandwidth

This is something that even we have difficulties with. When there’s so much to do and so many goals to smash, sometimes we’re working longer than we should be. Your work day probably doesn’t fit the standard 9 to 5 because of that, but it’s about time you put some more structure to your day so that you can improve your productivity and your health. 

For this challenge, map out your work days in your planner and power your laptop down at 6 PM each business day. That’s right. Shut it down. Our brains need more time to decompress if we want to get to sleep at a reasonable hour and technology keeps our minds going at full speed. 


March 16th - March 20th

Goal: Create Consistently

Purpose: To practice having excess content in case of scheduling conflicts.

Don’t get too comfortable in your content creation process. You might be on schedule right now, but life tends to throw curveballs. Set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour of each day to knock out images for your Instagram or blog, etc. and drop the final images into a Dropbox folder labeled Content Overflow. Think of this Dropbox folder as your “break for emergency” panel that you use when life happens and you are thrown off your content creation schedule. It’ll be tempting to touch the images when you least need them but TRUST that you’ll thank your past self for having these backups available. 

Pro-tip: Try the Social Media Content Calendar for ideas!


March 23rd - March 27th

Goal: Create Consistently Pt. II

Purpose: (Continued) To practice having excess content in case of scheduling conflicts.

Challenge #2 tackles the image/visual aspect of content creation, but words can take more work out of you depending on the nature of your content angle. So here are different options you can practice for Challenge #3:

  • If you’re a blogger… 
    • Use Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to come up with 20 blog post ideas that don’t need to be on schedule (i.e. nothing holiday related that can be published at any time of the year). Log these ideas in a notebook or your Blog Planner, but divide them into various months so that you have ideas available in case you can’t get to your regular planning schedule.
    • Use Tuesday and Thursday to write two 300 to 500 word blog posts that you save as drafts in case life happens and you can’t get to content writing a certain week.
  • If you’re creating content for Instagram…
    • Create a document and write at least 2 captions a day.
    • This will act as a backlog of captions in case one of your weeks or days don’t go according to plan.

Pro-tip: There are so many planner options that can help keep these practices consistent throughout the year. Take a look. CLICK HERE


March 30th & 31st

Goal: Reflection

Purpose: Determining how to apply your challenge experiences to the coming months.

With the last week of March not being a full week, use the last two weekdays of March to reflect on the first three challenges you knocked out. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did I struggle with?
  • What did I excel at?
  • How can I apply these challenges to the coming months so that I can improve my workflow?

We hope that you all have a wonderful March and that your luck is nothing short of fabulous!! For more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs from the Lovet Team, visit our blog for more. Don’t hesitate to send us a message on Facebook or Instagram (or contact us here) if you have any questions.
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