Announcement: Introducing Lovet Planners!

Hey, Lovet Community!

If you follow us online or receive emails from us, by now you may have noticed some changes that are occurring at Shop Lovet Agency. These changes won't affect our products but it's important you're in the know about these changes so you know where to find us!

So what's happening?


Shop Lovet Agency is becoming Lovet Planners!

It only made sense and it was high-time for this change to happen so we can be more efficient in building and growing this fabulous community! 

This means our social media profiles and tags will change. As of March 9th, we expect these changes to fully roll out by April 1st. In the meantime, you may see some crossover as we implement these changes.

Current Profiles (and tags):

Soon-to-be Profiles (and tags):

We look forward to entering this new chapter with you! And this is only the beginning...what's next for Lovet Planners?

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