7 Ways To Love & Embrace Yourself

It's strange to stop and think about how many years you've lived and gotten through. It's another odd sensation when you think about how much of that time wasn't spent loving yourself.

Self-esteem seems like a conversation topic that's only for the mind of preteens, but self-esteem is more rooted in your mental health than you think. Holding onto low self-esteem prevents you from leading a life with a full heart.

The goal is to live a life that's abundant with gratitude, love, and all things good. If you spend all your time taking care of others, you're not meeting your own needs. It's not impossible to find a balance but you've got to prioritize your mental health and do away with distractions that are preventing you from meeting yourself deeply. The relationship you have with yourself is going to determine how your future manifests!

So let's start with your self-esteem; get your low self-esteem transformed into healthy self-esteem and high self-esteem. In this blog post, we share with you 7 ways on how to love yourself and embrace yourself.

1. Create a goddess routine or ritual for yourself.

Think of this like planning a date night with your partner or a ladies night with your best friends. Instead, you're creating a daily practice of quality time with yourself. Your goddess routine or ritual could include mindful eating, loving actions like repeating affirmations of self-love to yourself, listing compliments to yourself over tea, and more. The repetition as a daily practice in itself is a way to practice self-love when you orient the commitment to time with yourself like you would with your friends and family.

2. Develop an awareness of any unrealistic standard.

An awareness of the world and unrealistic standards around you can influence your mental health. Perception is everything and comparing your situation to others (in magazines or on Instagram) is an invitation for negative thoughts and a great way to maintain low self-esteem.

Let us be clear. This sh*t takes time! But if your intentions are set on working on your personal growth and meeting your higher self, the path pays off. You can manifest this. Steer clear of distractions and focus your mind on your own direction.

3. Practice effective communication through journaling.

When we say "effective communication", we don't mean effective communication with others; we mean effective communication with yourself. That, dear friends, can be done through journaling.

Take the Self Care Planner, Gratitude Journal, or Positive Thinking Journals for instance: In these pages, you're asked to journal a variety of answers to questions rooted in loving action. For example, on numerous pages you're asked to compliment yourself, you're provided reflection questions, etc. -- all which help you get a better sense of yourself. Introspection is loving action!

Your listening skills may be great with your friends.

Your listening skills may be great with your family.

It's time for your listening skills to be exceptional with yourself.

4. Plan a retreat for yourself.

Time to get serious. If your eyes are getting big reading this, it's because our #4 recommendation is the ultimate way to focus on the relationship you have with yourself - no distractions. Give this a shot. (Pro-tip: The Project Planner works great with big plans.)

  • Research different Airbnbs at least 2 hours away from your home. The goal is to be far enough from home that you're not reachable but close enough that the retreat isn't a chore. Here's the wrench we're throwing in: Choose an Airbnb that doesn't have WiFi. You're cutting off from social media for this retreat.
  • Book your stay for at least 2 days. The first day is either the easiest or the hardest. You're either excited by the retreat or you're restless, but you have to work through it to heal from the lack of self-love.
  • Pack a few games for yourself that you love. On this retreat, you're going to embrace all facets of yourself including your inner child.
  • Pack a good book. Grab something that you know will be a great escape for you whether it's in a crime noir or lands with mythical creatures.
  • When it comes time for the trip, silence your notifications.

5. Decorate your space at home to boost your self-esteem.

When your self-esteem needs a boost and you're out of energy to boost your self-esteem on your own, lean on the space you create around you. Do a deeper dive with affirmations. Instead of just using affirmations verbally, next time you find an affirmation you love, make it a decorative piece that serves as a constant reminder of your worth.

Even better? You can do that "deeper dive" into affirmations with the Self Love Wall Kit. It's available in blush or black and contains 30 quotes and affirmations of self-love to help you get a great feel of yourself day by day. The kits are generators of high self-esteem!

6. Surround yourself with people who match your energy.

Heck. Surround yourself with people (friends, family, etc.) who have higher vibrations than your own because they will create space for your true happiness; imperfections on the path and all. You will have a more positive circle to both take care of others while not having a lack of self-love, and you'll have room for inner growth.

When you surround yourself with people who don't match your energy or have lower vibrations, you'll find yourself bending over backwards to the point of exhaustion and neglect of your own needs. People who match your energy or who ring higher vibrations have a better understanding of personal boundaries, the importance and meaning of self-love, forgiveness, etc.

7. Prioritize what's within your control.

This is another thing that takes time but it becomes easier with daily practice. When you prioritize the things that are within your control, your mind doesn't get overwhelmed. When your mind is overloaded and you get overwhelmed, your self-esteem takes a hit because you're discouraged by the "failure" to complete or process everything 100%. This includes tasks, behaviors, etc.

“Attaining inner peace isn’t about letting someone else read your lines; it’s about embracing your character and giving the performance of a lifetime. Never be afraid to express your inner thoughts, never be afraid to dance to a different beat because when you shine with self-acceptance, you light up the world." -Lakeysha-Marie Green, Author

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