7 Vision Board Topic Ideas to Manifest Your Goals

Is the current pandemic gettin’ you down? One of the comments we frequently see is how people want to create vision boards but they feel like 2020 was robbed from them. Girl, the only thing holding you back is yourself! 

Things are textbook crumby right now but there’s something you’re forgetting about when it comes to vision boards: The more time you spend with your vision boards, the more likely you’ll see those goals and aspirations become a reality because you’re fueling your drive. That works harmoniously with the Laws of Attraction! 

But...what if you don’t know what vision board topics to tackle in the midst of a pandemic? No worries. We’ve got seven (7) epic and empowering vision board topic ideas you can use to manifest your goals!

1️⃣ Annual Goals Vision Board

For this vision board, you're thinking about what you want to accomplish that year (or this year if you want a challenge). This is a vision board that you make on a yearly basis and can cover different areas of your life! The best time of year to start putting this vision board together is a month before the new year. With the current pandemic, however, you can get a headstart for the next year!

2️⃣ Couple's Vision Board

Why not make it a date? You're seeing a lot more of each other. Change things up a bit with a creative project that reflects the goals you both have for your relationship and the things that surround it. Don’t forget to use photos of ya’ll together because one pro-tip is to make your vision board more realistic by inserting yourself into the scene. (Note: Also applicable to polyamorous relationships; more than two can tango with vision board plans!)

3️⃣ Fresh Start Vision Board

You've been through a lot and you need a reset. What does that look like? What does that feel like? Create your fresh start, free from the weight of the past you’re wanting to shed or move away from. Include visuals and intentions that your past self may not have applied before.

4️⃣ Fitspiration Vision Board

Your health, your way. You can use a vision board to help inspire you through your fitness and/or health journey! The only request we have of you is to create and visualize this topic in a healthy way that is not critical to who you are right now. This is a positive board! Not a put-down board.

5️⃣ "Hype Me Up" Vision Board

We didn't know what name to give that vision board if we're being honest, BUT basically this vision board is your stand-in best friend when you need to be reminded that you are a BOSS and shine every day.

6️⃣ Travel Vision Board

There's not much traveling happening right now, but that doesn't mean you can't envision what your future travel plans will look like. Get creative and take yourself on an adventure through your vision board.

7️⃣ My Better Self Vision Board

We're always working on becoming our better selves. It's called growth! What kind of growth would you like to see for yourself? Where do you see yourself (and in what headspace) 2, 3, or 4 years from now? Infuse that feeling and anticipated self into your vision board.

Pro-tip: Keep your visions close by with the Vision Board Planner, as pictured in this blog post!

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to us! We’re here to help. For more tips, make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter at shoplovetagency.com and check out our other pro-tips and planner walkthroughs at the blog section of our site! Questions or comments? Drop a line below!

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Good ideas and thanks for the no-nonsense pep talk re Covid-19, which I now call, Coviditis.

Mary Moltumyr

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