5 Ways to Prepare For a Successful New Year

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good.”

-Nina Simone

We’re about to enter a new year. 

Take a deep breath and repeat after us: I will allow more good to flow into my life.

Now...we know what you’re thinking. We’ve been in this spot before; meditating on the bad from the last 365 days and putting all of our hope into the new year only to discover the new year is just as rotten. 

Go ahead and think about that for a minute and then put those feelings on pause. We know there’s no sugarcoating it: nobody knows what 2021 has in store for us. There are no terms and conditions written for the year and no “I Disagree” option to click. 

But we have to keep that spark of hope going. 

We have to romanticize our own lives even when our lifestyles are ever changing because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

This doesn’t mean we’re “settling”. No, no. We didn’t say anything about not having goals. You can have goals even with an ongoing crisis. They can be goals for your career, or they can be goals for your personal life. 

By nurturing your personal growth and goals, you give yourself so much more room for hope to flourish in 2021. Don’t put them on pause because you’re at home, safe from the coronavirus. Get to work on them!

Here are 5 ways you can prepare for a successful new year with recommendations and homework you can do as self-care (two-in-one). 

Create your annual vision board.

Putting your goals and visions into something physical can help you keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. You’re constantly fed visual inspiration and are more likely to knock out your goals - manifest your goals - because of this constant reminder. Your “annual vision board” should reflect the goals you have for the new year. New or experienced, the Vision Board Planner can help save you time and stress with a collection of cutouts and space you can create your vision boards with. 

Homework: Ariel Britney created a vision board for her business. Take a look at how she assembled hers on this Instagram post!

Rethink how you’re planning your weeks, days, etc.

It’s time to transform your schedule. When you map out your days, over time you’ll notice your stress will lighten up. The Lovet Planner is structured in a way that is easy to follow and keeps your days on track. 

Homework: Read ‘How My Lovet Planner Helped Me During the COVID-19 Pandemic’ on our blog.

Make sure you’re attentive to your needs (self-care & self-love).

In 2021, our intentions are set on self-care. 2020 has us feeling like we’re crawling out of rubble and debris from a collapsing house. We made it though! We made it out! But we know our mental health took a beating. Make a pledge to be more attentive to your self-care needs. Practice self-care daily and don’t wait until you feel burnt out!

Homework: Read Good Morning America’s ‘Listen to Michelle Obama’s self-care message: Why women need to put themselves first, published the summer before the coronavirus pandemic. 

Don’t forget to nurture the relationships around you.

Say “yes” to balancing your life and making sure you take care of yourself as well as your goals. Say “no” to forgetting about your friends, family, and colleagues in the process. If you disappear for a little bit to take care of yourself, that’s okay. But when you know you can be present, be there for your friends and family even if it’s a phone call. 

Homework: Hulu has all episodes of Dollface and Ugly Betty. Both of these shows have great examples of when we fall short for our friends and family and how we can work on improving ourselves. 

Organize your goals on a quarterly basis.

Every year, the Shop Lovet Agency team works together on team goals and individual goals. We break them up into the four quarters of the year as lists so that we have a constant reminder of what we’re reaching for. Our goals for 2020? Hit every single one on the list!

Homework: It’s your turn! Grab your planner or notebook and list 2 to 4 goals for each quarter of the coming year.

Repeat after us one more time! 
“I will allow more good to flow into my life.

We’re riding into 2021 together. Let’s make the most of it coronavirus or not!

In the interest of helping each other as a community, feel free to leave your own suggestions for preparing for the new year in a comment below! 

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