5 Ways to Embrace a Creative Lifestyle

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Somewhere down the line, we were made to believe that once you hit the good ole adult years, you have to sacrifice a lot of things that made you happy growing up. When you think about kids and your own childhood, there are two words that may come to mind: imagination and creativity.

Why on EARTH would we want to switch that off?

Imagination and creativity are two major things that help us adapt to changes and curveballs that come our way personally and professionally. So it’s time we ditch that old-school train of thought and EMBRACE our creativity by living a creative lifestyle.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite pro-tips from our team at Lovet Planners to share with you…

5 Ways to Embrace a Creative Lifestyle

#1 - Try Different Mediums

Creativity is at its finest when you push your boundaries. That means not sticking to one way because it works best. It means you’re experimenting with different ways to express yourself through whatever creative outlet it is. It could be painting, drawing, writing, photography, etc. With painting, you might be used to acrylic paints or maybe a specific canvas type. Try switching it up every so often to exercise your creativity!

#2 - Remember This Is For You

Your creativity isn’t owned by anyone else which means it’s not their business and they don’t get to control how you create. Embracing your creativity means accepting that not everyone is going to think your style is their cup of tea. You’re doing X, Y, and Z as a creative to make yourself happy. Ignore the noise around you; the pressure that you might be feeling in wondering is this good enough?

#3 - Rethink Multitasking

You might be a master juggler when it comes to multitasking but your creative efforts are at risk when you do this. This is part of the reason why we created the Project Planner. When you’re trying to complete or accomplish something that requires many steps, don’t treat it like you’re multitasking. Treat each step like it's its own project. By doing this, not only will your creations and projects reach completion but you also free up space in your mind. Declutter your brain by living that one-by-one, single task life.

#4 - Have Fun With It

You can definitely approach your creative lifestyle like it’s serious and fun. This isn’t a this or that. Being serious and having fun at the same time is possible. When you make different tasks, projects, and creations fun, you’re motivated to keep at it. Don’t stifle your growth and creativity by pouring negative energy into what you’re accomplishing. The last thing you want to do is make something you enjoy unenjoyable because of the mindset you were/are in.

#5 - Don’t Ignore the Backup of Creative Energy

Sometimes you’re going to feel like your ideas are flowing and you’ve got all of this creative energy inside of you but you don’t know what to do with it. Purge that excess energy by working on something visual like a vision board, or dream board. Creating vision boards is a visually stimulating activity that can both help you release that creative energy all while being inspired to rack up more energy.

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