5 Tips For Working From Home During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Welcome to the fabulous world of working at home during a not-so-fabulous time with the current effects of the coronavirus impacting a significant population of people worldwide! We want you to know that we’re here for you in the midst of this, and as entrepreneurs, we’d like to share some tips for those working from home for the first time.

Here are 5 Stellar Tips For Working From Home


Working from home can be exciting because of the promise of pajamas and not driving, but you’re bound to get comfortable; a little too comfortable. You’ll be tempted to work on your laptop from your bed or couch, but we’re gonna tell you this now: avoid that at all costs. Your alertness and focus will be affected significantly when you’re getting comfy. Instead of taking to those nice spots at home, set up your temporary office even if it shapes up somewhere like the dining room table. You’ll need…

  • A flat, sturdy surface
  • A chair that encourages “work mode” posture
  • Temporary decor to keep you motivated and not feeling drab throughout the day


We’re all probably going to be working from home for a duration longer than we’re used to, so you’ll need to make sure your mind and body adjust to a sequence of actions each day to keep you energized and taken care of. It’s as simple as starting the day with a shower, coffee and breakfast, etc. Don’t fall into the slump of turning off that alarm and being tempted to get another 30 minutes of sleep. 


Silence is deafening to most. You might need a beat to keep you alert and motivated as you clack away at your keyboard during the work day. Curate a list of songs (or podcast episodes - your choice) that’s long enough to play for half of your expected work hours for the day. Doing this avoids excessive repeat songs and such that will drive you mad. 


Working from home means not only self-discipline but setting boundaries with others who share space with you. Your family or roommates might be chatterboxes and can distract you from the work you need to get done. Make sure you establish ground rules with them (and yourself) should you feel that there’s the temptation for excessive socializing. 


Yes, you might have a boss but now you are your own boss in full control of what’s happening during your workday. At the end of each day, pull out your weekly planner and map out the structure for the next business day. We’re talking about the phone calls you need to make, the tasks you need to knock out, etc. All of it. Go the extra mile and segment your time (e.g. 9 AM & 2 PM - Reserved for replying to emails). 

We hope that you find great use out of these tips we’ve been living by when it comes to working from home. We’re going to get through this as a community. If you have any questions or need to lean in for support, feel free to connect with us on Instagram and/or Facebook. Be well, boss babes! Take care of your workflow, and more important, yourselves!
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