5 Self-Care Tips For When You’re Feeling Lost

It’s easy to feel like you’re losing your sense of direction or are out of touch with reality and even yourself. Your mind feels a bit foggy, maybe you’re even irritable or easily frustrated, but hey. It’s normal! Those are shoes that we all slide into every now and then, and while coping with that feeling of being lost is different for everyone, we’ve rounded up some self-care tips for when you’re feeling lost.

5 Self-Care Tips For When You’re Feeling Lost

#1 ❤️Picture where you want to be in life.

Whether it’s the present or future, think and meditate on where you want to be in life. Ask yourself questions about your hopes and dreams and put aside worries about the temporary roadblocks in your way. In other words, don’t worry about the details. Go on with your fabulous self and daydream. 

When you’re done thinking about it, put together a vision board so that you have a constant reminder of how you want to feel and where you want to be. 

#2 ❤️Pick a new mantra every so often. 

Sometimes we need to take charge of inspiring ourselves. Contrary to what Disney movies have taught us, things don’t just happen by sitting there. If you feel like you’re low on inspiration and motivational drive, repeating a mantra can be so calming and with time can push some of the pressure on your mind. 

Another reason why mantras are amazing? The only person who can truly validate you is yourself, and repeating a mantra to yourself is like a pep talk with a pro (you) and you’re the captain of your own ship. 

Pro-tip: Use the Lovet Planner’s Month at a Glance page for your mantra. There’s a designated spot for it!

#3 ❤️Mix up your routine. 

You’d be surprised! That funk you’re in right now or other times could simply call for a change in routine and daily lifestyle. For mixing up your routine when you’re feeling lost, look at what a normal day looks like and make adjustments. Spending a lot of time indoors? Try enjoying your morning coffee outside in the sun and breeze for a change!

If you’re stuck in a funk because you need more healthy habits in your routine, give the Habit Tracker pages a go in the Lovet Planner.

#4 ❤️Sign up for different webinars or digital events!

With the current pandemic, a lot of brands and businesses have taken to the internet to hold digital events. You might have a particular interest or profession that could use a little bit of inspiration. Seek out different webinars and digital events and take everything in! The people involved and speakers may give you a spark of inspiration that you need or a jolt to shift you out of the feeling of being lost and overwhelmed.

#5 ❤️Cut down the noise around you online and offline.

There might be outside influences that are affecting how you think and feel. If you’re following profiles online that make you doubt yourself or make you feel inadequate, hit that unfollow button like you’re trying to win a prize at a fair. Smash it now! 

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