5 Recommended Tools For Self Love

Now that we’ve all just gotten through a mercury retrograde together, it’s time to hug ourselves and love ourselves deeply (a little more). If you think you’re doing a great job already, that’s fantastic! Keep up the awesome work but if you’re running low on ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

We asked our team at Lovet Planners what their favorite tools are as of late. Here’s the ranking and reasons why!

5. Lovet Weekly Planner

This is the planner for making sure you get self love in small doses when you feel like you don’t have enough time for anything. In this planner, there’s a monthly view that encourages you to log great things that have happened, a positive mantra to remember, and goal-setting. But really it comes down to the gratitude bullet journaling each week. Gratitude keeps you grounded in the relationship you have with yourself which is important for self love to flourish.

4. Habit Tracker Notebook

Self love can also be tough love and that means getting rid of habits that are holding you back from meeting your next-level self. While you work towards higher vibrations, you have to take care of what’s storing your energy and those vibrations: your mind and body. With the Habit Tracker Notebook, you can create an exciting process for yourself where you replace old, bad habits with new, fabulous ones. It’s easy to use. Nothing says “I love me” than awareness of habits. 

3. Self Love Wall Kit

We’re huge fans of affirmations here at Lovet Planners. Affirmations of self love can really ring those high vibrations for yourself and create emotional lightness. With the Self Love Wall Kit, you can surround yourself with these uplifting words of self love by using it to decorate, as a deck, and more.

2. Positive Thinking Journal

This is the newest journal release from Lovet Planners and quite the labor of love inspired by our own self love journeys. Now, we want to pass the mindset shift experience on to you. In this journal, you’re going on a 100-day journey of positive thinking. Each day presents a new prompt and new instructions on what to write or what to focus on. You’ll have a Positivity Pal along the way. 

1. Self Care Planner

This was a no-brainer for the team. The Self Care Planner is (what we like to call) the Best Friend in Self Care. We all know that goes hand-in-hand with self love. The Self Care Planner is all about keeping your wellness prioritized so that you can live the happy life you strive for with self love. Plan your self care, journal reflections weekly, and more!

Ready to build your self love kit? Click here to get started!

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