5 Reasons Why Your Vision Board Isn't Working & What To Do Next

“Why isn’t my vision board helping me manifest my goals?”

That’s a loaded question but don’t turn away now because we do have the answers for you. Yes, there’s more than one possible reason why your vision board isn’t working. What should you do when you find yourself in this position?

In this blog post, we review five different reasons why your vision board isn’t working and the steps you can take to get back on course, but first thing’s first: breathe! If your dream is alive, the journey doesn’t stop here.

Reason #1: Your vision board isn’t defined enough.

Making a vision board is a pretty process but it’s not just about how the vision board looks. It’s about what’s included in the vision board, and sometimes the aesthetic takes priority over the vision. It happens! We all get carried away sometimes, but how is it that you can clearly define your vision in your vision board?

You can add relevant words, quotes, and phrases to define your vision. The visuals you include in your vision board should always have some sort of relevance to the vision. And last but not least, your vision board should have photos of you.

Pretend you’re making a vision board for health and fitness. You include “fitspiration” photos of other people you look up to, but you have more photos of them than you do of yourself. This sets you up for comparison and your self-esteem can take a beating from it. It’s imperative to include photos of yourself because you are the finest detail of the vision board. (Yes, you’re fine as hell.)

What to do next: Open up your Facebook or photo library and favorite photos of yourself that you love and are from moments that were positive. Print those photos of yourself and skip the models in the magazines on your desk.

Reason #2: You’re not setting realistic expectations with your timeline.

When you’re manifesting something, you always set a “due date” or deadline for that vision to manifest. By doing this, you make more effort in putting steps into manifesting those said visions. But when does this go wrong?

Let’s say you’re trying to manifest more sales for your small business. You spent your afternoon putting together a vision board to welcome abundance into your life through these sales. When you created the vision board, you were visualizing this goal becoming your reality...tomorrow.

*sips drink through straw*

That’s a drastic example but we all know that’s not gonna work. You have to be realistic with your goal-setting. In that same scenario, a better deadline would be 5 months out or a year because you need to give time for the steps you take to bake and manifest as your end goal.

What to do next: Pull out a calendar or planner and map out realistic deadlines for different steps you need to take to get one inch closer to your goal. For example, if you’re manifesting more sales for your small business, a step to take would be planning different offers or promotions to attract more customers or clients.

Reason #3: You’re not taking care of yourself. 

Are you okay? Do you feel overwhelmed? When your mental health is staggering, it’s hard to keep the focus on the things that matter to you most when really what matters most is your well-being. In order for your vision boards to work, you need to take care of yourself. You are the battery that’s powering your goals and dreams.

Start by listening to what you need more of right now

  • Do you need more time? Give your schedule a facelift.
  • Do you need more space? Set aside time for yourself.
  • Do you need quality time with friends? With family? Plan Zoom or socially distanced visits.
  • Do you need more sleep? Get to bed earlier!

These are simple questions that can help you decide on what self care actions you should take to take care of yourself. If you need help in this area, we also have the Self Care Planner that can do the trick! When you feel like you have the bandwidth to pick back up where you left off with your vision, here’s what to do.

What to do next: Create a new vision board. You need the inspiration to be revitalized and it’s easy to look at an unmanifested vision board and be reminded of guilt and disappointment. Skip that and go for a new vision board.

Reason #4: You’re not taking the steps to move closer to your goal or vision.

Truth bomb incoming!!! Whoever told you that you can create a vision board and things will manifest from there is terribly misinformed. It’s not a make-and-done kind of process. There’s more that goes into it.

Here’s an example. Jim Carrey wrote an abundance check for $10-million dollars back in 1985 and dated it 10 years in the future. “Acting services rendered”, the check was made out for. In 1995, just 10 years after writing that check and keeping it in his wallet, Carrey was cast in the movie Dumb and Dumber for…$10-million dollars.

That didn’t just fall in his lap! He told himself in 10 years, I’m gonna be a star by writing that abundance check and you KNOW he was taking small gigs here and there while continuing with auditions. You can take steps like Carrey relevant to your vision.

What to do next: Think and list different actions that can help you move toward your goal and successfully manifest it. For example, if you’re manifesting your dream home and you’ve never bought a house before, you would start with working on your credit score and connecting with a first-time home buyer advisor. 

Reason #5: You’re not in love with your own vision board.

When you’re not in love with your own vision board, you’re less likely to spend time with it and we all know that the more you spend time with your vision board, the better.

If you finished your vision board and said to yourself that’ll do, you’re settling! Don’t settle when it comes to what YOU want for your future. It’s time to go back to the vision board.

What to do next: Either start a vision board from scratch or spend time revamping your vision board. Don’t settle until you’re absolutely satisfied and happy with your vision board creation!

Now that you’ve got these five possible reasons why your vision board isn’t working, it’s time to get to work! Which one of our recommended next steps are you following next?

Don’t forget your vision board essentials! 

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