5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Vision Board

Vision boards help you to envision the future. If you’ve got goals and are working on manifestations, vision boards are excellent tools to help you see the future you want to achieve and motivate you to go after it.

But why create a vision board? Isn’t manifesting good enough?

What are the benefits of having a vision board?

We’ve got five reasons why you should have a vision board – some of which include science-based data and success stories of entrepreneurs. 

What is a vision board?

Also known as mood boards, action boards, or journey boards, vision boards are a physical collage of your goals. They are made up of pictures and words and/or phrases that represent the life you want to live.

But it’s not just a bunch of fun pictures you like. Vision boards are more intentional. They’re a motivational tool to inspire you to work toward your dreams and aspirations. 

Although most are for a period of 12 months, you can also set a different time frame. All that matters is that you have a timeframe to keep a fire under your butt.

Reason #1: A Daily Reminder of Your Dreams and Goals

The main reason why a vision board is effective is that you see it every day. When you do or see something daily, it reminds you of what you’re working toward. 

But even beyond that, think of vision boards as a part of your daily routine and daily routines are important. According to Northwest Medicine, humans are creatures of habit. As such, routines offer a way to promote health and wellness through structure and organization. 

Benefits of a daily routine include:

  • Reducing anxiety.
  • Managing insomnia.
  • Alleviating symptoms of mental illness.

By making your vision board a part of your routine, you can reduce some stressors while having a positive inspirational tool too.

Reason #2: Keep You Focused and Clear

Have you ever been so sure of something that you feel driven to accomplish that one thing? Or, on the flip side, have you ever been confused about what to do and so you freeze or make a mistake?

Clarity is the key to everything. If you don’t know exactly what you want or are supposed to do, you can become discouraged, stressed, and lost. 

With a vision board, you know exactly what you want. 

Reason #3: Vision Boards are Backed by Science

Vision boards are rooted in neuroscience.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation performed a study where one group of participants was asked to do scheduled physical workouts while another was asked to do “visual workouts”.

The group that did the physical gym workouts showed a 30% muscle increase. The group that visualized they were working out in their heads showed an amazing 13.5% muscle increase. Yes, this is a real study that was published in Psychology Today.

Just by visualizing that they were working out, the brains of the second group actually believed that they were doing so physically. While not as effective as actually doing, the mental effects were there because they formed new neural pathways. 

If you consistently visualize or contemplate a future idea, it will become a reality for your brain. Your brain will form a new neural pathway and begin to create deliberate behaviors that make that vision more attainable

When you begin to use your vision board, your brain will come up with creative and innovative ideas for achieving your vision. 

Reason #4: Images Have More Power Than Words

Neuroscientist, medical doctor, and executive coach, Tara Swart, says that the brain has a process called “value-tagging,” which imprints important things onto your subconscious and filters out unnecessary information. 

When the brain sees images, it value tags them. In fact, the brain assigns a higher value to images over written words. So the more you look at certain images, Swart says, the more those images move up in importance.

“Images connect us more immediately and emotionally to our personal and financial goals, and to our setting and achieving them,” says Dr. Barbara Nusbaum, a psychologist. “[Images] help us in our thinking and moving toward these goals.”

And if you look at it right before you fall asleep every night, the images will be imprinted even further, she asserts. 

Reason #5: Successful Business Owners Use Them

Did you know that in fourth grade, Katy Perry made a vision board of her “hopes and aspirations'' in music? Even Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, and Ellen DeGeneres have used vision boards as tools to achieve their goals. 

A 2016 TD Bank survey found that one five small business owners used some sort of vision board when starting their business.  

TD Bank surveyed 1,127 individuals and 500 small business owners across the U.S. about their visualization practices.

According to the survey, people who imagine their financial and other goals are much more confident about achieving them than those who don't. In fact, those who keep images, photos, or vision boards of such goals are almost twice as confident (59% vs. 31%) that they will achieve them when compared to those who don't. 

Here are some more interesting findings from the study:

  • 82% of small business owners who’ve used a vision board since startup say they have accomplished more than half their goals so far.
  • 76% percent of small business owners who’ve used vision boards and images to create their companies say their businesses are where they envisioned them.

Perhaps not surprisingly, since they've grown up with camera phones and selfies, Millennial entrepreneurs are more likely than other age groups to use vision boards when starting a business (59%) and developing business plans (89%).

Ready to Get Started on Your Vision Board?

Hopefully, at this point, you’re ready to start your vision board. We have something that can help.

Our Vision Board Planner is made so that you can take your dreams and goals with you on the go. Most importantly, keep your visions PRIVATE so they can manifest without negative energy. 

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