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You’re here reading this because you’re ready to welcome abundance into your life. You know that there are steps that will need to be taken, but your mind is fixated on questions like, “If not now, when?”

That’s why abundance checks exist. 

Abundance checks - or what we call Bank of the Universe Checks at Lovet Planners - are popular manifestation tools that help you visualize your desired income flow and shift you out of the present vibe. 

This process heavily relies on you embracing what you feel and think when you see that dollar amount you’ve written on your abundance check, because it’s what drives you to manifest it through mindful meditations and affirmative actions. 

But what can you use the Bank of the Universe (Abundance) Checks for? Everyone talks about how to use the checks, but not enough of what for. If you need some inspiration on what checks to manifest, here are 5 abundance check ideas to get you started. These ideas range from short-term to long-term.

Before you get to reading that, familiarize yourself with how to write an abundance check at this blog post:  

5 Abundance Check Ideas to Manifest

1. Your Next Vacation

With life feeling like it’s still on pause as we continue to handle the ongoing presence of COVID-19, you may be experiencing wanderlust. You’re ready to travel and get out of the house, and when COVID-19 gets the door slammed shut on it, you want to go big with a trip. 

Determine what your trip will be and do some light calculations. When you have a total, round it up by a few hundred dollars just in case. Here’s what you should consider when it comes to expenses:

  • Taxi fare or car rental costs
  • Meals
  • Plane tickets (or other relevant mode of transportation)
  • Hotel or Airbnb costs

2. Your Next Promotion

You’re thinking about your annual salary and how much nicer it would be if it were $1000 more, $2000 more, $3000 more, and so on. When manifesting a promotion, you can visualize this achievement by making out an abundance check in the amount of your desired salary or by making out the check in the amount of the additional income that would come from your promotion. For example, $50,000 or $5,000 if your existing salary is at $45,000.

3. Your Next Big Spend

This check idea goes out to those of you who have something burning on your wishlist that you can never justify between bills and essential expenses, because you do deserve to treat yourself!

We like doing this for ourselves once or twice each quarter depending on what the purchase is. You can use a Bank of the Universe Check and make it out in the amount of the item or service that’s on your wishlist! For example, Sandra wants to get her eyebrows microbladed and the local service that comes highly recommended starts at $600. She writes a Bank of the Universe Check for $700 (because she’s thinking about the tip, too).

4. Your Personal Growth

Say YES to yourself and invest in yourself. We see it and do it every day, in every podcast we listen to, in every purchase made in the name of self-help, etc. What are you doing to show up for yourself? 

Self-help does come with costs sometimes. Picture this: Mia has been feeling burnt out for what feels like a whole year. She knows it and she’s ready for change, so she starts browsing the internet for resources. Mia stumbles upon at least 4 different books she thinks could help her and an online self-help course complete with a mentor, support groups, etc. that costs $500 annually.

Mia calculates these expenses and writes a Bank of the Universe Check out in the total amount of these books and courses.

5. Your First Post-COVID Party

We’ve got some steps to take before throwing parties with COVID-19 still present, but this is the perfect time to prepare for the ultimate reunion party, whether you’re hosting or attending! 

Parties cost! If you’re hosting and need a buddy, the Project Planner can organize your plans and the budget you create for yourself can also be applied as a Bank of the Universe Check!

Ready to get started? Click here for the Bank of the Universe Checkbook or check out the digital download version! Happy manifesting!

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