3 Tips For Attracting Friendships with Positive Thinking

We have entered a new era of mindfulness. Women worldwide are experiencing their own stories in self love and choosing to prioritize how they spend their energy. Because let’s face it: you - like many others in the world - have put too much time and effort into others who frankly didn’t deserve that time.

Note: To clarify, each person is abundant with opportunities to grow and change as a person. The pace differs though, so while someone might not serve your energy right now, that doesn’t mean they can’t take you by surprise a few years from now and spark that friendship again.

This process of filtering the energy from others around you is a form of stress management because you know what will ultimately affect you if not within your control. That’s 100% okay! But when you’ve set this new standard for yourself, how do you attract the friendships you’re searching for with positive thinking?

You can manifest these friendships from the inside out.

Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when attracting friendships!

Tip #1: Remember, there is no competition. 

Envy is a poison in relationships. It creates contempt which then makes an overall tense relationship. In friendships though, there’s nothing for you to prove. You’re there for mutual love and respect of each other; not to compete with one another.

This isn’t middle school or high school. You’re not trying to flex to show yourself worthy. You already are. If there are any ounces of envy or jealousy that you carry with you, work on reminding yourself that toxic competition is created in the mind and serves no one positively.

Instead of envy, choose to admire. Lift each other up. There’s room for all of us.

Tip #2: Express your gratitude.

There’s nothing more magnetic than a grateful person. Gratitude feeds your soul and nurtures the relationships around you. When your personality is overall grateful, that shines through and acts as a welcoming aura signaling new friends your way.

If gratitude is something you struggle with and don’t know how to dive into past a ‘thank you’, pick up a gratitude journal. Gratitude journals are designed to guide you through the process and heart of being grateful.

Tip #3: Don’t let small disagreements get under your skin.

When you develop a close bond with someone, it’s easy for things to get under your skin even in a healthy relationship. For example, someone might be upset with how you handled a situation and hurt their feelings so they approach you about it. Immediately, you feel your blood rush to your face and you start clamping up because this isn’t ideal for you and you feel bad about it. There are two possible routes you could take: 1) You could get defensive and list reasons why you did what you did, or 2) you could listen, apologize and explain it wasn’t your intention to hurt them.

Relationships thrive with the right tender love and care but nobody said anything about perfection.

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