3 Great Ways to Practice Tender Loving Care (TLC)

We’re feeling a little exhausted. How about you?

Even when there wasn’t a pandemic, the final months before each new year are commonly known to be tiresome. When we’re swept up in the bustle of the holiday season, self-care kind of gets thrown out the window because priorities suddenly shift to gift-giving and togetherness.

We get it. 

We know that it’s important to shower your friends and family with love especially this time of year, but we need to squeeze in some TLC; some tender loving care.

In this case, it’s tender loving self-care.

There are three ways to practice TLC that we love, and we’re now sharing them with you so that you know your options when you’re feeling a little low. 

OPTION #1: “Let it go…” ❄️

We know that Frozen’s Let It Go seems to be inescapable, but there’s a great lesson to learn from this song. If our kids are going to belt out the same song for 24 hours straight, let it be a song with a lesson such as this one. 

For the longest time, Elsa - the Disney character that sings this song - did everything she could to keep her family happy. This came at the expense of hiding her true self and limiting her potential. She didn’t do anything in her life to make herself happy, so she spent most of her childhood and early adult years silently in fear. 

This song is an anthem for anyone who needs to let go of the past that’s holding them back. We would never ask you to make peace with things when you’re not ready but you can start by letting go of the following things:

  1. Opinions you don’t believe in
  2. Jealousy and criticism of others
  3. The need for complete control
  4. Bad-talking yourself
  5. Fear of change

Those five things can leave you feeling trapped. Letting go of those patterns can help with releasing anguish so that more good can flow into your life and you can show up for yourself with love.

OPTION #2: Journal your gratitude.

For every single person, as we get older, our perspective of the world changes. Maybe you haven’t noticed it, maybe you have, but when you journal your gratitude, you’re getting to know yourself better.

Not only that but practicing gratitude on a daily basis can be a transformative experience. Your heart feels lighter, you’re encouraged to see the good things in life and more. 

If this is something you feel like you struggle with, a guided gratitude journal is the key. Our Gratitude Journal, for example, will ask you questions on a daily basis, give you some gratitude tips, and space for you to reflect on your gratitude journey. 

OPTION #3: Create a self-care routine or schedule.

When you practice self-care, you can either target one of your senses (smell, touch, etc.) or target them all in one go. For example, when we feel like we need some TLC, the routine that follows looks something like this:

  1. Take a hot shower or bath with a few lavender drops. 
  2. Make a plate of the best snacks (i.e. a fruit and cheese platter).
  3. Watch a female comedy on a streaming platform while cozy under a weighted blanket.

Ideas for self-care might not come easy for everyone, so we recommend the Self Care Planner to get you started with daily TLC practices. 

Which of these options do you find the most helpful? Let us know in a comment below and Shop Lovet Agency is sending you big love as you begin your journey.

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