15 Self Love Affirmations to Improve Your Self Esteem

Those days you feel at your lows can really tank your self-esteem. You feel like everything is weighing on your mind or hanging heavily on your shoulders, but it’s a struggle to pat yourself on the back for anything.

The love for yourself feels little to nonexistent but it’s a mirage. With time and care, you can heal your heart to harbor and become a fountain of self love for yourself. Want to know a secret though? You don’t have to wait until you’re fully healed or put together to take steps on the path of self love.

One popular method of self love (and in ways self care) is adopting affirmations and saying them out loud or writing them down repetitively. By using affirmations, you surround yourself with positivity and with continued use, your confidence and self-esteem are influenced and strengthened. As a result, you feel an emotional lightness because strengthening the foundation of self love in your life makes you more resilient and less susceptible to stress and anxiety.

In this blog post, we share 15 affirmations of self love to help improve your self esteem. We encourage you to use them in any of the following ways:

  • Repeat the affirmation aloud to yourself 5 times. Do this frequently or when you feel like you’re slipping into doubts.
  • Write the affirmation on a sheet of paper several times. 
  • Print the affirmation graphic in this blog post and frame it or tape it to your mirror, computer monitor, vision boards, etc.

15 Self Love Affirmations

1. I choose to be unapologetically myself.

You have your own personality, you have your own style, you have your own taste; you are unique. You know this and so you choose to live your life unashamed of who you are and what you love. 

2. I am worthy of the same love I show others.

You recognize that you do all of the above and beyond for others. You show up for them with support and you make them feel special. You are a powerhouse of love that needs to recharge so you know you are deserving of the same love you show others.

3. My mind is beautiful and unique.

The thoughts and ideas you have, your personality, your emotions, and more; they all make up the blueprint of who you are. It’s not the same as blueprint A, B, or C. It’s the blueprint of U.

4. Today, I choose Me.

You are determined to be the writer of your story. It’s in your hands and you feel it. 

5. My voice is valuable and powerful.

Your voice is a difference-maker and you know it. In silence, the most damage can be done and you understand that, so you speak up. Your voice is more valuable and powerful than ever. 

6. My body is beautiful.

You were once microscopic and now you’re a developed human being, with unique characteristics and features that frame the beautiful you. Isn’t that lovely?

7. I am the greatest project I’ll ever work on.

The relationship you have with yourself is the greatest project in life. You are continuously experiencing, learning, seeing, breathing, etc. and you’re excited for the chapters to come.

8. I am resilient.

Life has thrown many curveballs, and look! You’re here. You are living proof of your resilience.

9. I choose to love myself fully.

You’re tired of being a fairweather friend to yourself. You know that in order to live a full life, you must accept yourself and pave a path of self love. 

10. I am a fountain of gratitude.

You are grateful for things and people in your life, and you feel more whole having the honor of getting to be grateful for those things and people in your life. You know you are blessed.

11. I deserve to treat myself.

Self care isn’t selfish. You know that it’s humanly impossible to be responsible for everything and everyone around you, so you know that when you need to recharge, you need to recharge. Sometimes that includes indulgence. Take time off, order delivery, take some time to yourself. Whatever “treat” looks like, you’re going for it.

12. I am enough.

Everything you need is inside of you, inside of who you are.

13. Doubts hold no power over me.

You are your own worst critic but you are your greatest supporter. When doubts emerge, you cast them away and take control of your life.

14. I am grateful for myself.

You carried yourself this far in life. You deserve a thank you

15. I am proud of and love the person I’m becoming.

Every day, you are working towards the best version of yourself and it’s so beautiful. Keep going!


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