15 Powerful Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

Affirmation April has been incredible to share and experience with the Lovet Planners community, but our efforts won't stop here. As we lead into National Mental Health Awareness Month, we will have more affirmations and an abundance of positive thinking tips to share while you navigate your own paths.

But to end Affirmation April on a positively affirming note, we've curated 15 powerful affirmations that can change your life if you're ready to set the matching intentions.

Before we dive in, remember that words and phrases have the power to shift your mindset just as much as they can hold negative power when negative self-talk, negative thoughts that come with anxiety, and negative beliefs start to surface on a daily basis.

The power of positive affirmations combats negative self-talk, and with these positive statements, you can deter those negative beliefs and create more space in your life for positive energy. Are you ready to do away with the current state of your self-esteem and embrace the blessings in life?

Adopt a positive affirmation or mantra from below!

1. I am letting go of the self-beliefs that limit me.

You know yourself to be your own worst critic at times. Spending too much time limiting yourself with your negative thoughts can stack and eventually take a toll on your self-esteem and mental health. Use this affirmation to remind yourself that the limits you’ve set for yourself are invisible. Break through them.

2. I am a magnet for positivity and blessings.

You deserve to have good things flow into your life. Sometimes it takes a reminder such as this affirmation to help refocus what you see on the positive side rather than the negative. This affirmation is gratitude-powered. You’ve got this!

3. I trust my journey. My story is unfolding.

Each story is unique and there’s no autobiography you can pick up that will match your own. Trust your journey and the story that’s unfolding. Keep your focus on your path and not the progress of others.

4. I give myself permission to take one step at a time.

Things don’t happen overnight. Things take time. Use this affirmation to show yourself some grace as you make progress in whatever area of your life you’re struggling with. Each baby step still counts.

5. I am brave and resilient enough to face challenges that arise.

Life tends to throw curveballs. You can either dodge them or swing away. Trust that at the end of the day, you will have yourself. You are brave. You are resilient. You will get through the hard things. 

6. I wake up each morning more empowered than ever.

Give yourself a reason to wake up each morning: YOU. You are the reason you should wake up each morning. Rise and thrive, love! With this affirmation, you can hype up and kickstart your morning on the right foot.

7. My negative thoughts do not control or define me. I make my own light.

No matter the past and no matter the thoughts, you have the power to create your own light in life. Cast away negativity and self-doubt with this powerful affirmation.

8. My energy is sacred and I expel energies that do not serve me.

It’s 2021 and energy vampires are out there. How do you want to spend your energy? Why water a dead plant when there’s a sprout that could use that nurturing? The same can be said about how you welcome energies into your life. Use this affirmation to make a firm decision to filter in the energies that match yours.

9. I am in control of my actions and reactions.

There will be times when you hear “prioritize the things within your control”, and this is the affirmation that 100% pairs with it. You may not be able to control and protect your day from flat tires, bad weather, etc. but you can control how you act and react in those moments. Use this affirmation to talk yourself out of reacting negatively.

10. I am embracing my inner goddess.

You are wonderful, fabulous, and a blessing on this earth. Recognize who you are and where you stand in your life with the help of this affirmation.

11. I choose to live with grace and joy.

You are the designer of your own life. If the scales are leaning towards the negative and you’re aiming to restore the balance, remember to let grace and joy in. Use this affirmation to open the door to that mindset. 

12. I am bold and beautiful.

You are your own brand of amazing. There’s so much power in self-affirming who you are, and with this affirmation and Affirmation #10, you’re set to be a force in this world. 

13. Everything I need is within me.

Maybe you grew up in households similar to ours where we were taught to value and respect others but never in conjunction with valuing and respecting ourselves. You don’t need the validation of a romantic partner, friends, or family to have a happy life. Everything you need is within you. You were born with it.

14. I can find inspiration in the world around me.

This is a “silver linings” type of affirmation. The world often shows its true colors. We all see it in the news daily or through gossip, but those burdens aren’t yours to carry. Seek out the things in the world that inspire you, not make you feel small. 

15. My best will always be more than enough.

"Good enough" isn't something that can be equally measured. Each path is unique, each path has its own pace, and your path is YOURS. Your best will always be enough. When things seem like they're going wrong, trust that the universe will bring you back on track when you embrace yourself fully and lean in on this affirmation.

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