15 Money Mantras To Manifest Financial Freedom

There are so many decisions to make in life, and when it comes to financial decisions, there’s a chance of stress or feeling like a burden. In other cases, people experience what’s called financial freedom.

What is Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom looks different for everyone but there’s a common denominator: it’s having enough income to lean onto without worries or a significant decrease in worries. Ramsey Solutions describes this financial freedom, saying, “When you have financial freedom, you have options. You don’t have to wonder if your bank account can handle replacing your hot water heater or buying groceries for a single mom who just lost her job.”

According to Forbes, there are 7 levels of Financial Freedom.

Forbes Personal Finance Contributor David Rae breaks down these 7 levels as follows:

  1. Not Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  2. Enough Money to Quit your Job (for a bit)
  3. Enough to be Financially Happy and still Save
  4. Freedom of Time
  5. Enough for a Basic Retirement
  6. Enough to Actually Retire Well
  7. Enough for Dream Retirement

Manifesting Financial Freedom

So, how can you obtain this unicorn? This Financial Freedom

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In our blog post The Art of Manifesting & Why It Works, we share the story of Jim Carrey and the abundance check he successfully manifested. Manifesting abundance and financial freedom is equal parts of the following:

  • Will & Determination
  • Patience & Self-Acceptance
  • Mindful Action & Self-Accountability

“Will & Determination” is where it starts. When you get a chance, we definitely recommend reading that blog post The Art of Manifesting & Why It Works for more on this, but in this blog post, we’re sharing with you the tools to keep yourself motivated.

You’re striving for financial security and financial freedom, and you can will it into existence. So here are 15 money mantras you can use to manifest financial freedom.

1. The universe is blessing me with abundance.

2. I release all resistance to attracting more money.

3. I am on my way to financial freedom.

4. I am open and ready to welcome abundance in my life.

5. I naturally attract good fortune.

6. I am a money magnet.

7. I receive abundance from sources that are for my highest good.

8. I am grateful for everything in life, including my income.

9. I am deserving of every dollar and every cent.

10. My bank account grows every day.

11. I will only use money to nurture a better version of myself.

12. Money is constantly flowing into my accounts.

13. What I spend mindfully comes back threefold.

14. I have a positive relationship with money.

15. I am worthy of having a positive cash flow.

How To Use These Mantras

  • Write the mantras down on paper
  • Repeat the mantras that speak to you clearest to yourself 3x a day
  • Include the mantras in your vision boards

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