15 Body Positive Affirmations

CW & Note: This blog post contains topics that may be sensitive to individuals battling eating disorders, mental health in correlation with body image, etc. Lovet Planners prioritizes the well-being of our customers and community. We acknowledge that body dysmorphia is very real and methods including affirmations may not suit the needs of everyone. Readers, if desired, are advised to seek professional advice from a psychologist or therapist with a focus on body dysmorphia.

Negative thoughts like to creep up on you and destroy the vibe. This is especially true for many who feel the overwhelming effects of society's generalized pressure to be perfect. No matter the weight stigma, diet culture, and Instagram feeds filled with workout hustlers, you deserve to feel good in your own skin.

"I want to take care of my body," you say.

By all means, reach for what you want in life, but know that your awesomeness is within you. Your nourishment in mindfulness and body love is just as important as your physical health so take the first step by learning to love yourself (and your body) and boost your self-esteem.

In this blog post, we share with you 15 body positive affirmations to help you choose and cultivate gratitude towards your body and amplify your body positivity.

1. I am learning to accept my body.

First, we start with the basics of positive affirmations in this area. This is new to you and your intuition is telling you that you can reach that positive mental wellness in regards to your body image.

2. My body is changing and that's okay.

Maybe you're feeling self-conscious about your thighs. Maybe you're feeling self-conscious about your pant size. Remember, we, as women, have been put into boxes of standards. You are not defined by size or number. Heck! Even clothing companies have inconsistent size guides. Banish the size chart and embrace the "Wisdom of My Body" instead.

3. Who I am shines through my personality and heart.

Offer yourself some self-compassion with this affirmation. You are the whole package and body positivity will, too, shine through the more love you show to yourself.

4. Food nourishes me. It is not my enemy.

There are a lot of dangerous diets and fads out there that may attract you, but there are also a variety of foods that nourish you. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, please consider seeking professional advice from a psychologist in that focus.

5. I give myself permission to enjoy the food I choose.

Use the power of positive thinking to dodge the mental pressures that come from being surrounded by diet culture online and offline. Just because your friend is Instagramming their clean eating doesn't mean you have to feel guilty about that McRib you had for lunch.

6. Every body is beautiful.

You realize how beautiful bodies are, right? Mom or not, your body's transformation from infant to goddess Affirmations like this one are set to undo the notion that there's one type of beauty out there. You've probably seen this one online countless times! Remember that positive body affirmations are made for you just as they are for other beautiful bodies in the world.

7. My body is strong.

This mantra and affirmation should always be equipped. Women feel so much inner turmoil on various points of the spectrum because of the responsibilities we've been carrying for so long. And your body? Well, your body carried you the whole way. That's so much strength right there!

8. I appreciate everything my body does for me.

This ties into the the last two positive affirmations. The biology of humans is remarkable and your body is capable of adapting and withstanding numerous things. Even down to the last papercut you've had! Your body is capable of healing.

9. I am at peace with my body.

Positive affirmations take time. You will be at a middle point of just being content and that's okay! Work towards feeling content with your body if that's the milestone you need to reach first and then keep going from there!

10. My flaws are my beauty marks.

We're using "flaws" loosely here. We're not talking about flaws with your behavior (that's another set of affirmations to discuss and unpack) but we're talking about what you currently acknowledge as physical flaws. Those "flaws" are only deemed such by you. Take the power back from your doubts and use this affirmation to acknowledge these as what makes you beautiful.

11. My body is one-of-a-kind.

You're not a clone or made from a cookie-cutter. Not at all! Your body is one-of-a-kind. Embrace that fact with this affirmation/mantra!

12. My body is abundant with love and hugs.

When you feel good in your own skin, the warmth is felt by others. Your body is a powerhouse of love and support that you show others. It's high time you offer that same kindness to yourself, too!

13. Taking care of myself feels good.

At the beginning of this blog post, we recommended starting your body positivity journey from the inside out, but we understand that's not going to be the case for everyone. You pick a path that best serves you! Use this mantra and affirmation to encourage your progress in a positive way.

14. I am beautiful.

Unwinding to the most simple yet effective of affirmations, this mantra is perfect when you're in front of a mirror. What's your daily routine and behavior like? Squeeze this affirmation in whenever you're in front of a mirror!

15. I choose to be kind to myself.

This positive affirmation is a verbal commitment to kindness. Remind yourself of your intentions in self love and body positivity with this powered affirmation.

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