15 Affirmations to Keep You Motivated & Inspired

There’s something about spring that is revigorating. It feels like an opportunity to start fresh after not feeling confident about the first part of the year. Spring is the season where people feel confident in the possibilities that will bloom.

Maybe you’re doing spring cleaning.

Maybe you’re starting a home project.

Maybe you’re working on a side hustle.

Whatever it may be, you’re looking to keep yourself motivated and inspired to keep going. How about some affirmations curated just for you?

As part of Affirmation April, we’re sharing with you 15 new affirmations of a different theme and message each week. This week, we’re serving 15 affirmations to keep you motivated and inspired as you take more steps on your personal and/or professional journey.

Let’s get started!

1. This is my time to shine. 

Keep your eye on the target. Each step you take towards your goal means you’re one step closer to achieving it; and in those moments, you shine so beautifully!

2. I am breaking free from any anchors holding me down.

Anchors come in so many different forms for each person. For one person, it might mean letting go of certain energies in your life. For another, it might mean starting a new path of self love and confidence-building. When these anchors keep weighing you down (mentally, emotionally, and/or physically), you’re likely to slip into unmotivated vibes.

3. I can & I will.

Enough said, right? Yes, you can!

4. I believe in my talents and abilities.

With this affirmation, you’re telling yourself that there’s no reason you can’t reach your goal or complete a project. Repeat this aloud to yourself and the possibilities will seem without boundaries.

5. I am focused and persistent.

Remind yourself to not let distractions or gaps in motivation interfere with your gameplan. Keep your focus and remind yourself how determined you are.

6. Today, I am working towards a better future.

Every action you take is working towards something beneficial for yourself. For example, just deciding to clean the house on a Thursday means you have more time to enjoy your weekend. Another example? Working on your self care daily can alleviate stress in your life.

7. I am celebrating every single win and moment.

In a society that’s so fixated on the end goal, it’s so easy to forget to enjoy the process. Enjoy and celebrate every milestone on your journey! If you’re proud of it, say it loud.

8. I am not striving for perfection. I am striving for effort.

Prioritize progress over perfection! Even if you’re just a few steps away from the finish line, that’s something to be proud of. 

9. It’s in my power to alter my future.

Think of causes and effects. The actions you take are the causes and the future manifests the effects. For example, putting $100 into savings each paycheck you receive can help reduce financial stress in the long-term.

10. I am attracting success with my determination.

When your passion and determination are present, more doors are bound to open! Opportunities are out there. What are they? Keep an open mind.

11. My doubts hold no power over my goals.

When you feel your doubts creeping up on you and trying to steal your shine, repeat this affirmation aloud to yourself: My doubts hold no power over my goals. Say it 3x! 

12. My to-do list shortens everyday.

“I’ll do it tomorrow.” Does that sound familiar? Use this affirmation as a reminder that even doing small tasks can help take things off your plate and give yourself more time and room to focus on other priorities.

13. I am showing up to get the job done.

Your future is in your hands and life isn’t a dress rehearsal; it’s the final act. Don’t be tardy and show up for yourself!

14. I am making myself proud.

It’s important to remember that you are working towards a happier, more satisfying life. You will impress others along the way but the only validation you need is from yourself.

15. I live my life to the fullest and am not asking “what if?”

Keep going! Because at the end of the day, do you want to wonder what could’ve been? Avoid asking “what if”! Nurture your motivation and keep on making progress.

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