15 Affirmations For Manifesting Abundance

There will be days that you feel stuck. After all, with highs comes some lows and most of it is in your mind. You feel like you’re not making any progress in your goals and visions and your reasoning comes back to I need more money to make this happen.

We know it. We feel it, too. We understand!

Life can be rich in so many different ways but there’s truth in that some goals may require some expenses to get there. So what do we do? We welcome abundance into our lives and take steps closer to those goals.

You can start with the seemingly small yet powerful method of affirmation meditations.

Affirmations are confident statements that are spoken as your truth to keep you motivated. By using affirmations, you surround yourself with positivity and confidence in a way that boosts your self-esteem to drive you further towards your goals. In this case...money goals!

It wouldn’t be Manifesting March without affirmations for abundance, so in this blog post, we share 15 affirmations of self love to help improve your self esteem. We encourage you to use them in any of the following ways:

  • Repeat the affirmation aloud to yourself 5 times. Do this frequently or when you feel like you’re slipping into doubts.
  • Write the affirmation on a sheet of paper several times. 
  • Print the affirmation graphic in this blog post and frame it or tape it to your mirror, computer monitor, vision boards, etc.

15 Affirmations For Manifesting Abundance

1. Abundance is coming. I welcome it.

Use this affirmation to remind yourself of the possibilities. The financial situation you are in now is not reflective of the financial possibilities coming your way!

2. I will not stand in the way if money wants to flow in my life.

This affirmation is perfect for those moments where the money is in your control. For example, abundance also shows through smart saving and smart spending. We’re not saying you can’t treat yourself but this affirmation is a reminder of staying focused on what you want by not getting in the way of it.

3. I am abundant in more ways than one.

Happiness isn’t found in money; it just happens to help. But don’t lose sight of the fact that you are rich in other ways.

4. I deserve to make more money.

Don’t sell yourself short! Ask for the promotion, the raise, etc. Maybe you need to put your foot down and look at other options. Use this affirmation as it’s needed for you!

5. My desires are infinite and the world is conspiring to express itself through me.

Speak your desires into existence. The world is listening! You are attracting abundance.

6. I am attracting wealth through creativity and cooperation.

Love, love, love this affirmation for entrepreneurs and more! The internet has given more room for goals to come to fruition. We see it through small businesses, side hustles, etc. Your creativity and cooperation in the world can be rewarded!

7. I have the power to choose and I choose abundance.

As you use these affirmations, remember to speak them loudly with conviction! Make yourself believe this truth.

8. I love abundance and I attract it naturally.

The abundance you see from others? They knew they attracted it naturally. Get comfortable with knowing that possibilities can become realities.


9. I am confident in my ability to be prosperous.

If the desire is there, you are 100% capable. Don’t let doubts shush your confidence!

10. My income is increasing every day.

Every step you take is working towards a new chapter of your life and with new chapters, there’s growth. Keep going!

11. I am a money magnet.

You’re fully charged and ready for what you want in life. Keep on attracting it!

12. My talent and work ethics create spaces for me.

Affirmations are important in motivating you to take the steps needed to accomplish your goals and visions. Your talent and ethic is needed! It doesn’t stop with making a vision board.

13. I am the master of my own wealth.

Take control of your finances. Be the bookkeeper of your own path. You’ve got this!

14. I welcome abundance so that I can lend a helping hand.

Sometimes excess abundance flows, and while you can save it, you can also pay it forward to someone or groups in need of that support.

15. I am using money to create my visions.

This affirmation is great for intentions like starting a side hustle, business, activity or projects, etc. Sometimes expenses happen to help you get to where you need to be! Example: You need materials to make a vision board. Materials cost money.

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