15 Affirmations For Healing & Inner Peace

Everyone is going through their own battles, and when 2020 rolled around, many were pressured to face these battles head-on in self-isolation. With things seemingly inching towards normalcy, 2021 and the years to come can offer hope in healing.

It’s why there’s a resurgence of themes in self care and self love online because we’ve collectively acknowledged the importance of individual progress, mental health, and more. Now, as part of this wave, you’re seeking ways to ease the impacts of the hurdles you’ve gone through.

You’re probably wondering “you, who?” We’re speaking to all of the women in the world.

The woman who offered so much of herself only to hurt at the end of that chapter.

The woman who dazzles as a mother but needs her own tender loving care.

The woman who found a new purpose in life after feeling left behind for so long.

The woman who grew up with no support and still feels alone. 

The woman who is self-critical and yearns for peace. 

Affirmations are simple yet effective in offering yourself the hug your mind and heart is in need of. 

Build a support system from the inside out by paving the walls with these 15 Affirmations For Self Healing.

1. I am open to forgiving myself.

This affirmation acknowledges that this path is new to you. Forgiveness isn’t something that can be forced on you. It’s something you do when you’re ready. This affirmation and the next two affirmations are created for different stages of your path to forgiveness. Start with this one to set the intention of working towards forgiveness.

2. I am ready to forgive myself.

Use this affirmation when the first affirmation we’ve shared doesn’t hold enough charge for you anymore. You want to take it another step further. Repeat this affirmation to yourself or keep it close to remind you of how close the finish line is.

3. I forgive my past self.

You might not be entirely ready to forgive yourself but you’re well on the mark! This affirmation will help disarm hesitations in the path of forgiveness. Stay strong, love. You’ve got this but remember to offer yourself grace along the way.

4. I am ready to see things from new perspectives.

Trauma, depression, anxiety, and more can feel like clouds in your life that make it hard to see things on the positive side. This affirmation is your cry for a shift and a reminder that you can see things from different perspectives. Your now doesn’t have to be your forever.

5. I humbly accept the lessons offered by my pain.

Your life’s design is mapping itself out and each mark on your roadmap offered (or offers) something valuable to your personal growth. Does that mean it was deserved? Heck no! But you can take control back by using lessons from these moments to your advantage. Rise and thrive.

6. My mind and heart tell me what I need.

Trust in your mind and heart. When they’re hurting or in distress, it’s up to you to alleviate those griefs. If your heart hurts, you might need some space, more self love, or anything else that can help bring some peace even if temporary. If your mind hurts, slow down. Trust your own pace. Use this affirmation as a reminder to listen to your own instincts so that you can nourish and restore yourself the right way.

7. I trust my life will unfold to welcome happiness.

Life is a series of pieces creating a grander picture. Trust that some pieces will not look or feel pretty, but once you find your wholeness, happiness will flood in. The pieces will fall into place. 

8. I will be patient with my progress.

We each cope and process things differently. Just because one person flipped their life right-side up in a matter of months doesn’t mean that’s going to go the same way for others. Offer yourself some grace and patience while you endure your hardships and healing process. 

9. Despite my pain, I choose to love to those around me.

Some paths are grim and manifest more hurt onto others. Remember the things within your control (how you respond or react to things) and don’t let your hurt seep onto others maliciously. You are not made by your pain but you know how important it is to love because of your pain.

10. My feelings are part of me. They are valid.

Gaslighting is not welcome in your circle. You know that in order to heal, you have to process your feelings. They are very real. They exist and they are valid.

11. I am open to understanding how my trauma affects me.

This pairs with the last affirmation because in order to understand how your trauma affects you, you have to acknowledge and accept your feelings. Casting them aside will make it more difficult to tackle the troubles at the root of it all. Use this affirmation to maintain openness on your path to healing.

12. When memories hurt, I will lean on self love and gratitude.

Sometimes memories have a way of taking you out of the now in negative ways. Lean in on self love and gratitude to help shift you out of those memories. 

13. I am putting my energy into things within my control.

The things within your control include how you react or respond to situations and circumstances. For example, you might feel like everyone has something negative to say to you one day. Instead of engaging, you decide to meditate on your gratitude that day.

14. I embrace my present and future with open arms.

You don’t have to forget about your past as long as there’s more room for your present and future. Use this affirmation as a reminder to keep your eyes on the now and the horizon.

15. I give myself permission to heal.

This is one of the strongest affirmations out there. At times, you will feel stuck and feel undeserving of progress. This affirmation acts as a release. Is it the healers of all healers? No. You are the healer on your own life. Only you get to make the calls here.

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