11 Habits To Develop For a Happy Life

If you’re looking for the perfect life hack, you might find one in this blog post that will help you turn your life around.

You’ve heard this phrase before: Consistency is key.

When it comes to healthy habits, consistent practice and development of those healthy habits can set you up for a happier life. 

In this blog post, we share with you 11 Habits To Develop For a Happy Life. When you’re done reading them over, comment with a habit you’re going to try out for 30 days.

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1. Get comfortable with not being right all the time.

Getting comfortable with not being right all the time means growth. You are allowed to change your opinion as you go on in your years. It is mindful progress!

2. Break up with unrealistic expectations and standards.

An awareness of the world and unrealistic standards around you can influence your mental health. Perception is everything and comparing your situation to others (in magazines or on Instagram) is an invitation for negative thoughts and a great way to maintain low self-esteem.

Let us be clear. 

This sh*t takes time! 

However, if your intentions are set on working on your personal growth and meeting your higher self, the path pays off. You can manifest this. Steer clear of distractions and focus your mind on your own direction.

3. Take yourself on dates.

Self love is underrated. You need to get into the habit of treating yourself of the goddess you are, because you are worthy. Want to see a movie? You can be your own date. You don’t have to wait on others to live your life fully.

4. Try different creative projects to get you “unstuck”.

In order to reset, sometimes you need a complete shift. Try shifting with a new creative project. 

Here’s a thought: When your self-esteem needs a boost and you're out of energy to boost your self-esteem on your own, lean on the space you create around you. Do a deeper dive with affirmations. Instead of just using affirmations verbally, next time you find an affirmation you love, make it a decorative piece that serves as a constant reminder of your worth.

Even better? You can do that "deeper dive" into affirmations with the Self Love Wall Kit. It's available in blush or black and contains 30 quotes and affirmations of self-love to help you get a great feel of yourself day by day. The kits are generators of high self-esteem!

5. Start vetting who you let into your life. 

Get picky about who benefits from your energy. Surround yourself with people (friends, family, etc.) who have higher vibrations than your own because they will create space for your true happiness; imperfections on the path and all. You will have a more positive circle to both take care of others while not having a lack of self-love, and you'll have room for inner growth.

When you surround yourself with people who don't match your energy or have lower vibrations, you'll find yourself bending over backwards to the point of exhaustion and neglect of your own needs. People who match your energy or who ring higher vibrations have a better understanding of personal boundaries, the importance and meaning of self-love, forgiveness, etc.

6. Make it a habit to prioritize things within your control.

This is another thing that takes time but it becomes easier with daily practice. When you prioritize the things that are within your control, your mind doesn't get overwhelmed. When your mind is overloaded and you get overwhelmed, your self-esteem takes a hit because you're discouraged by the "failure" to complete or process everything 100%. This includes tasks, behaviors, etc.

7. Sleep on it for 24 hours before you react.

Something got you upset? Are you feeling anxious about friendships or relationships? If you are in constant questioning of if it’s something you did, why react to find out your friend or spouse is upset about something else? That’s a conflict that could’ve been avoided.

Give yourself 24 hours to think on whether or not you’re truly upset by something before you let your body react. You might save yourself unnecessary stress.

8. Understand that the only competition that exists is in your mind.

Growth is understanding that competition is a one-way street. It creates contempt which then makes an overall tense relationship. In friendships though, there’s nothing for you to prove. You’re there for mutual love and respect of each other; not to compete with one another.

This isn’t middle school or high school. You’re not trying to flex to show yourself worthy. You already are. If there are any ounces of envy or jealousy that you carry with you, work on reminding yourself that toxic competition is created in the mind and serves no one positively.

Instead of envy, choose to admire. Lift each other up. There’s room for all of us.

Here’s a great mantra to adopt for this: You cannot compete with me because I want you to win, too.

9. Journal about what you’re grateful for for 10 to 20 minutes a day.

Studies have shown that gratitude journaling is a great method of stimulating and improving your mental wellness. By starting your day with gratitude journaling, you’re paving a path of comfort and relief. With the focus on gratitude having positive results, it can influence your day to be positive as well. It’s all about your mindset! 

10. Develop a grounding technique as a habit.

This is a great habit to develop if you have anxiety or depression. It’s a vibe-shifter. There are grounding techniques that use your sense of smell, sight, touch, etc. When you get into the groove of doing these techniques, you exercise your own boundaries and improve your resilience in coping with everyday stressors.

11. For the love of everything under the sun, HYDRATE.

The Lovet Planners has a Habit Tracker so you can work on making sure you’re getting necessary hydration daily. Incentivize yourself, stay hydrated, see yourself thrive!

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