10 Instagram Post Ideas For When You're Feeling Stuck

Being on Instagram and creating your own content can present its own version of writer’s block when you’re doing it long enough. There will be days that you feel uninspired or simply not caught up with content planning. That’s OKAY. We all have days like that!

But you know you don’t want your Instagram to suffer in engagement so you want to keep the momentum going, right? Question is how will you do that when you don’t have a plan? Here are 10 post ideas for when you’re feeling stuck.

#1 | Quote or Phrase

Quotes are some of the top performing types of posts on Instagram because they hook viewers who find the quotes relatable and applicable. They easily convert to saves and shares which helps expand your reach. Not everyone is going to be a quote wizard, so when you need a little quote inspo or a library of quotes of sorts, we’ve got you covered with the I’d Quote That - Instagram + Social Media Quote Bank. It’s a digital download that is a compilation of quotes that are geared towards improved engagement!

#2 | Fur Babies

If you have a pet, take the opportunity to share their cute face with the world with a little bit of information about them and how you two became family for one another. Take our Founder’s profile for example. Biscuits is a celebrity at this point. People love him!

#3 | The View

Step outside or look around when you’re out and about. There might be a cool view to take a photo of and share along with your meditations for the day. It could be a beautiful sky landscape, cityscape, etc. Rule of Thumb: If it captures your attention, it’s more than likely post-worthy. Don’t go sharing random blue sky photos!

#4 | Bookstagram It

Reading anything interesting? Maybe you’re in the middle of a book you just can’t seem to put down or you caught an article in a magazine that really peaked your interest. Share a photo of the cover and write a quick summary of what’s happening and why you’re enjoying it.

#5 | Love YourSELFIE

Snap a photo of yourself or share an accessible selfie you already have on your camera roll. Pair it with a caption that shares your current meditations or mantras. You can even open up about maybe having an off-day. Keep it real, keep it authentic.

#6 | Bag Essentials

Do a flat lay arrangement of the contents of your purse that you carry with you all the time. Discuss the value in these items and what it is about them that led you to keep them by your side while you’re out!

(Photo via the_instinctualmother on Instagram)

#7 | Show Some Love

Spotlight a friend or family member who has been supportive of you or inspires you to be the best version of yourself. This kind of love is contagious and it’s a nice escape from the real world to see how others pay it forward in kindness.

#8 | Random Knowledge

Okay, it doesn’t have to be random necessarily, but share bits of info you know that keeps buzzing in your ear. It could be something that applies to your brand or it could be simply an interesting fact. 

#9 | Pose a Question

Get your followers talking with an interesting graphic that ties into the question you put in your caption. Alternatively, you could put your question in the graphic. Like what are you watching on Netflix? Something that is relevant and people get excited discussing. Here are a few more examples of questions you can ask:

  • What movie are you looking forward to checking out in theaters?
  • What are you proud of lately?
  • What’s your next project?

#10 | Throwbacks

You probably have loads of photos you’ve never shared from trips, outings with friends, family gatherings, and more. Take the opportunity to think back on memories you’re fond of and share them with your followers!

If you need more, you’re in the right place because we recently launched the 2020 Instagram Content Calendar which gives you daily prompts to inspire your posts every single day of the year. Take a closer look by clicking here, and let us know if you have any questions in a comment below!

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