🌟 Processing & Shipping

  • When does my order ship? All orders ship super fast, within 1-2 business days! During the holidays, some might need a tad longer, say 1-2 more business days, before they're on their way to you.

  • After shipping, how long till I can start planning? Once your order's on the road, it typically takes 2-5 business days to land on your doorstep. Just a heads up: shipping carriers are juggling a lot during the holidays, so timing might shuffle a bit.

  • I'm in Hawaii/Alaska. What's the ETA? Deliveries to these beautiful states might take a scenic route. Currently, it's about a 15-day journey post-departure from our warehouse. Pro tip: If you're in Hawaii or Alaska, ground shipping's your best bet at checkout (if available).

  • Shipping options on the table? We've got USPS standard shipping with tracking for an easy flat rate of $6.95.

  • Do you ship internationally? Currently, Lovet Planners delivers to the United States only. And hey, if you're in the U.S. and your order's over $50, shipping's on us!

  • Where's my order coming from? We're LA locals, but our planners embark from our warehouse in Wisconsin.

🌟 Tracking a Package

  • How do I keep tabs on my order? Your order confirmation has a tracking link so you can stalk your Lovet order as often as you like.

  • My tracking link's acting up. Should I panic? Deep breaths! Sometimes a USPS driver may forget to scan your package as it makes its way to you. If you don't see any movement after a couple of days, just shoot us a note here. 

🌟 Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

Need to make a return or swap something out? Here's everything you need to know.

🌟 Got More Curiosities?

For other burning questions, head over to our FAQ section.