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VIP Order Upgrade

VIP Order Upgrade

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Experience the "Lovet VIP Upgrade", a service designed to prioritize and protect your order, while delivering an enhanced shopping experience.

📦 Shipping Protection: With VIP Shipping Protection, you can shop with confidence. If your order is lost, stolen, or damaged during the shipping process, we'll replace it. (This benefit is subject to only products originally purchased.)

👸 VIP Order Status: Enjoy expedited processing and prioritized handling for your upgraded order. Feel the luxury of having a VIP badge next to your order in our system.

🥇 Priority Customer Service: As a Lovet VIP, your inquiries receive priority in our customer service ticketing system, ensuring a swift and efficient response from our dedicated team. This service is applicable for the order associated with the VIP Upgrade.

The Lovet VIP Upgrade is a unique opportunity to enjoy premium benefits for your Lovet Planners order. Elevate your order to VIP status today for a fabulous shopping experience that prioritizes you.


The Lovet VIP Upgrade applies solely to the specific order with which it is purchased. The benefits are not a subscription or ongoing service, nor are they extended to future orders unless the VIP Upgrade is purchased again.

The Lovet VIP Upgrade is non-refundable. This applies even if the associated order is returned or canceled. Please ensure you have read and understood these terms before proceeding with the VIP Upgrade.

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