7 Reasons Why You Need This Journal

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1.You can improve yourself. Yes, YOU!

Even if you’ve never been a fan of "self help", this simple tool will help you  better understand who you are and how to love yourself. 

2. You deserve to feel GOOD in your own skin. 

Self Love doesn’t come easy for most people. It will take some work, but the Self Love Journal will make it easier for you to find Self Love.

self love journaling for self love  

3. You struggle with your own thoughts. 

You might be an over thinker, hard on yourself, you project negativity onto others, you put others ahead of your needs.  

This lack of Self Love can drain your confidence, which affects your relationships, job, and your overall health.

4. Books and Seminars can only help so much. 

With journaling, you learn from yourself, so it sticks with you more than any book or class you take. 


 self love journaling for mental health

5. Regular journaling is a major chore. This isn't. 

Staring at a blank journal page can make you feel even more anxious. The Lovet Self Love Journal gives you prompts to guide your journaling, making it an easy  and fun experience.

6. You've NEVER seen a journal like this before. (Even if you think you have!)

It teaches you to be patient with yourself while you put the *spark* back in your relationship with yourself. 

It helps you shift your focus AWAY from negative, damaging thoughts. It reminds you that you are bigger, deeper, and richer than your thoughts are at this moment.



7. Designed with scientific self love strategies in mind.  

The Lovet Self Love Journal is based on scientifically proven ways to improve your mental health from the inside out.

It's not not a "fluffy" journal, it helps you make REAL lasting change with it's unique three-step formula. You'll feel  and notice the difference. So will your friends and family. 


Actual quotes from customers

    "I suffer from severe anxiety. My daughter gave me the Lovet Self Love Journal as a gift. I had no idea how life changing this journal would be for me. I had panic attacks daily, but this journal has helped me take control of my self care, which has made my panic less frequent. It truly has been a life saver. I'm enjoying life again."

    "Absolute love this journal! I just received and it has already made such a huge difference in my everyday life."

    "The Self-Love Journal is a wonderful tool for moving from self-doubt and fear into a place of strength, gratitude, and of course, self-love. I am in love with this journal & really is a tool to help with anyone's journey towards self love."


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