Are you passionate about dreaming big, manifesting your goals, and motivating others to transform their life?
Then Lovet Planners invites you to our Influencer Program—perfect for anyone who lives and breathes social media and loves creating the life they deserve!

Getting Started is Easy

It pays to start creating the life you deserve!


Simply use the form
below to qualify.


Get a welcome package
to use in your promotions
($50 in value!)


Every time someone buys
using your link, you'll get
30% commission sales.

Who We Want!

Here's who we're dreaming of...

Genuine lovers of Lovet Planners!
We want you to love our planners
as much as we do.

People who love to work on
themselves + believe in the
power of manifesting.

The social media obsessed!
Loves posting on social media & giving friends recommendations!


Q) How does it work?

1. COMPLETE the form above and wait for approval. (NOTE: Approval may take 2 to 3 days.)

2. Choose your welcome gift. This is not just a gift—it's your tool to help spread the word about Lovet.

3. Share your link/code with your audience.

4. Each time a new customer makes a purchase with your referral link/code you'll earn 30% of the order subtotal!
(paid via Stripe). 

5. The more you promote Lovet Planners the more $$$ you can make! Win win!

6. For more details, you may review our Terms of Agreement here.

Q) Who can join?

1. People with ACTIVE social media profiles (you are actively an influencer and have other campaigns you've worked on with brands) that align with our Lovet values and what we're all about.

2. We want genuine lovers of Lovet Planners, manifesting, self-love and people working on themselves. 

3. Social media profile MUST at least have 1500 followers.

4. MUST be a legally based resident in the United States.

Q) How do I get my discount link?

Your link/code will be emailed to you once you've signed up. If you haven't received it yet please check your junk or spam folder. If it's not there please email

Q) Can I be removed from the program? Yes If...

1. Your latest post on Instagram was 1 to 2 months ago.

2. Your account is private and not public.  

3. Do not have current or previous campaigns with other brands.  

4. Less than 1500 followers and inactivity for a month may result in being removed.

5. Not being in the United States can lead to being removed as well.

6. If you are a previous customer from 2021 onwards. BUT, don't worry you'll be transferred to our Customer Referral Program which has it own perks too!